0.61 Acres of Colorado land for sale, with trees next to power in the mountains

Filter the Data

When you have your big list of tax delinquent properties, filtering the list or trimming the list of properties for purchase follows. The guideline is simple: just focus on properties where the owners will most likely sell to you for a minimal price.

Establishing the Value of a Property

Establishing the value of a property is an integral part of Tax Delinquent Property Investment. Often times this action can be made easy because some counties in the United States have some kind of a ratio they apply to their assessment.

Top Five Reasons to Own Pre-Developed Real Estate in a Down Market

Many investors are rushing in to swoop up the great deals in real estate with our current state of economic trends. With many foreclosures on the market and more arriving there everyday. However with all of the great deals on the market there are tons of profits to be made.

The Importance of a Land Survey Before Purchasing Land

If you are interested in purchasing real estate, the wrong way to go about it is to simply find a plot or house that you like, and then make an offer. There are several often-forgotten steps that you should take before this point.

Do You Want to Zoom Or Soar High?

Most people buy cars when they make it big. It’s a form of status symbol. The newer model the car you’re driving the more money you spend, the more the money you’re suppose to earn. So why would you invest in land when you can’t show it off on the road or place the latest sound system in it?

Walking Billboards

In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, there are loads of possibilities you can get from property sellers. Not just a great deal and a good bargain but you can actually get more properties out of them by just merely asking.

Owning Your Mobile Home Land

The vast majority of mobile home owners rent the space that their home occupies. If you have longed to own the land where your home rests, and have paid your homes in-full, you can own your land with a title loan.

Oil and Gas Leasing

Have you been contacted about signing an Oil and Gas Lease, but are confused about the process? Have you heard the horror stories of people getting their mineral rights stolen?

Forestry Inspection Paths

The problem with maturing forestry is lack of access. Why would you need access? You need access because without access you cannot see any problems that might be occurring in the middle of your forest.

How to Analyze Land and Building Value

Whenever you are analyzing a property, you’re always working with TWO values: the land value and building value. Though the nature of the land will always remain constant, the building on the land is called an improvement. The structure improves the value of the land.

How to Make Money on Raw Land (Final)

In this final article, I will share the IMPROVEMENTS that a land developer can make to a piece of raw land and make money from it. Also, I will discuss a little bit about how to get development loans.

How to Make Money on Raw Land – Part 2

In this article, I will share the second way to make money on raw land, which is called “Land Development”. In land development, you can count on the original developers of the subdivision to try to hold on to these parcels for only a short while and then to sell them at a steep discount.

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