2.52 Acres of Colorado Land for sale

Land Investment for Affordable Housing

Buying a house in the UK has never been more difficult; for the two decade property prices have steadily continued to rise. In 1981 the UK population was 56.2 million, by 2007 the population had increased to 60.

Land Investment – An Alternative To Buy To Let

The property market in Scotland has seen rapid growth over the last ten years but now appears to be cooling down. Properties and locations that were once viewed as undesirable have become more sought after than before as people looked to make profits from old fashioned elbow grease, that and filling a property with IKEA furniture. This according to the current media could be coming to an end with some gloom mongers predicting sharp drops in house prices.

Agreement For Deed – What You Need To Know

Have you heard of agreement for deed but you’re not really sure if this would apply to you? Not really sure of how it would work for you?

Market Value Appraisal

Real estate appraisal is the process of developing an opinion of the dollar value on a piece of real estate property. The overall goal is to develop the true and real market value of the property in question. The need for an appraisal agent arises because of its high profile investment class.

Buying Land and Horse Property in the Colorado Springs Area

When purchasing land, ranch, or horse property in the Colorado Springs area you will need to know that there are several areas with their own, somewhat, unique climate and terrain. There are also areas with their own unique water issues. To the south of Colorado Springs is the Fountain area and is known as the “banana belt” of El Paso County, where you will find warmer weather, quite a bit of irrigation water, and lots of mature trees.

Three Days To Success

Imagine the mere possibility of buying tax delinquent real estate for peanuts and then reselling them for 50 times the price you paid for it all in the same month. Now think of how you can profit from real estate without ever leaving your job, or having to invest your life’s savings in it.

The Neglected Land Parcel

If you learn the techniques that I write about, then you will make loads of money! One of the biggest benefits of investing in tax delinquent LAND is that there is little to no competition, especially if the buy the property before it goes to auction, or even better, before it is schedule for auction. Metropolitan areas have a little more competition then rural areas do, so I focus on the later. I have discovered a way to find out who is not paying their taxes years before anyone else knows. I filter down this valuable data into a subset of records and use creative techniques to contact the record’s owner. Then I wait for the phone to ring. My phone rings all the time and this is good because every time it rings it usually means that I have a deal.

I Turned the Impossible Into a Great Achievement

If I told you about the secrets of becoming a rich real estate tycoon by working less than 10 hours a week, would you believe me? Probably not, because if someone told me that same thing a few years ago, I would have just laughed at the very thought of it. Nevertheless, over the years, trial-and-error has taught me that it is possible, and with this revelation, I am going to show you how you can do it too.

Dealing With County Officials

When dealing in Tax Delinquent Real Estate you will invariably have to work with the counties and their employees and officials on an ongoing basis. Here are few things to take into consideration when dealing with the county officials.

Island Real Estate – 10 Tips To Buying The Best Caribbean Real Estate

Caribbean Real Estate is the new buzz for savvy investors looking for a second home abroad. St. Lucia is currently poised on the brink of take off and now presents opportunities for those who are inclined to get on board without delay.

Land Investment Tips

Have you ever wished that you will wake up one day and find yourself a multi-millionaire? A lot of us dream the same thing: a big mansion, high-end cars and a stable business that gives us a steady income to buy anything we want. However, sadly not all of us are lucky enough. Only a few are able to achieve complete financial freedom. Today, one of the most highly profitable and lucrative businesses which people say can help you achieve this stature in life involves property or land investment. This kind of business given the proper determination and the right financial decisions can indeed allow you to step up towards the ladder of success.

Lots for Sale – How to Choose

When looking to build on lots for sale, it is seldom wise to choose a lot in a section where most of the houses are twenty or thirty years old. How much can we afford to pay for a lot? Don’t buy a cheap lot for an expensive house. The cost of the lot is the cost of everything necessary to pay for before the building of the house can start.

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