4 47 Acres of Colorado Land For Sale

Why We Believe Everyone Should Be Investing in Land Right Now!

What’s the big deal about buying land? Well, the short answer is that land is about the best investment you can make right now. Forget the stock market, CDs, venture capitalism, and even other real estate, such as houses. If you want to make an investment that will not only be safe, but also profitable in both the short and long-term, then buy land.

Before You Buy Land You Must Get a Topography – Read Why

Learn the different divisions of topography and why you should not invest in any Jamaica real estate without topography map. The topography of the area is generally referring to the terrain, which includes the natural and artificial features collectively.

Land For Sale and the Doctrines and Theories

Understanding the legal theories of Jamaican land for sale and the doctrines that shaped the Jamaica Real Estate Act. A review of the system of holding land in earlier times and how it has transformed today to the ways we know of transferring land from one person to another.

Trimble Surveying Solutions – Total System, GPS and Terramodel Computer Software

Trimble surveying equipment includes advanced total station units which make surveying much more accurate than was available with previously used survey tools and methods. The latest innovations include features specifically for engineering or construction applications.

A Guide in Purchasing Land

Purchasing land is definitely as precious as buying a house which is everyone’s dream and ultimate wish. But those who think of doing this must also know the things to that must be considered aside from looking for the right property for you and for your family. Majority of the lands available in the market are under land ordinances made by their own states and local authorities.

Government Land For Sale

The government actually owns around 1/8 of the total land available in the country. Due to the economic and administrative costs due to managing this land they often make it available for sale. Also if a specific area is seeing increased interest in development and there is little to no other land available the government will often put the land up for sale. Finding government land for sale may not be as difficult as you think!

How to Find Land Before the Real Estate Agents Find It!

Knowing how to find land before a real estate agent has it listed at top dollar is terribly important if you want to make profits in land, either residential, or farm lands, or hunting lands. Plus the seller is not normally in such a hurry to close as someone who already has their property listed.

Real Estate Investing – Buying Land

Real estate can be considered an art form and it can take a long time to master the art of investing. The key for any new RE investor that is just starting out is to just focus on one area at a time.

Stay Out of Trouble!

Real estate can be fun… if you stay out of trouble. If, for example, you are worried about making a bank note… that takes all the fun out of life. Now you can learn what to do as well as what not to do!

Invest in Costa Rican Land For Sale

Costa Rica is still at the start of a boom in property prices. You can still buy low enough to see double digit profits or more. That along with no capital gains tax is a winner for any investor.

Digital Terrain Modeling

There are many ways to obtain the information shown in a digital terrain map. Often this data is obtained using remote sensing equipment rather than direct surveying methods. Radar satellites are often used for models of large areas of terrain.

Why You Should Work With a Land Realtor

If you in the process of buying or selling land it is imperative that you seek out the advice of a Realtor whose specialty is land. Sounds simple doesn’t it? I have had too many experiences in negotiating with landowners where the deal was derailed by a Realtor who didn’t have experience valuing land.

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