Breathtaking Views for Miles with 5.07 Acres in Colorado!

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys may be used for commercial or residential properties. Surveys are crucial tools in the construction industry from the planning stage to the actual construction and future maintenance.

Looking For the Good Green

Checking for brownfields or environmentally-critical areas is a must in filtering the list of tax delinquent properties. Filtering will direct you to the right property and prevent your from unnecessary inspection of all properties.

Thinking of Speculating in Vacant Land?

Anyone thinking of speculating in vacant land must certainly be familiar with the master plan for the community. Briefly, the purpose of the plan is to guide and accomplish a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the municipality and its environs.

Quality Properties at Fair Prices Will Sell Quickly

Quality properties that are priced right will sell in this market. I will submit to you that if the property has some nice features and is priced fairly, it can sell quickly.

Surveying Images – What You Need to Build on Your Property

In old times, in regards to land surveys, the accuracy of measurements were merely guessed at considering their primitive tools. They were only able to judge distance by perception. The guess work of property survey and the like have been narrowed greatly with cameras and other digital equipment. The math is accurate to a point where error is so minimal that it doesn’t matter.

Four Guidelines to Consider When Investing in Raw Land

Some speculators who are new to the real estate industry are not alert to the risks of investing in raw land, if only in terms of the time requirements. You have to be prepared to invest capital without producing income, probably for many years.

How is the Stock Market Connected to Land Investing?

Let’s first admit that most of today’s investment portfolios can be traced in some form to the stock market. I was with some friends yesterday and everyone lamented they took a big hit over the past year resulting in steep declines in their personal investment portfolios. Also I was talking with a business owner whose business CD came due and when he went to roll it over he could only find a short term deal that paid slightly more than 1% interest.

Rural France Resists Change

A new report on land use in France shows just why many international buyers view France as an attractive place to buy a rural retreat. French property buyers regularly show that one of the main attractions of France is the comparative tranquility of the country.

What Are Plat Maps?

Did you ever wonder why today’s towns look the way they do? The look of the downtown area, with its square blocks, originates centuries ago, when the country was first dividing what would eventually become a large portion of the United States. Beginning in the late eighteenth century, these unexplored lands were surveyed under the Public Land Survey System.

KISS Hello, Not Goodbye – A Simple Letter Will Do

In Tax Delinquent Investment, knowing how to write a letter is pertinent to your success. I have spoken of three different letters I use in my business. The first type of letter I use is the simple letter. This it one of the letters you can send the owner of the property that you are interested in. This letter could look something like this:

Great Fortune That Keeps on Coming Checking Tax Lien Properties After Your Purchase

After getting through the process of getting the list of properties, sending out letters to sellers, receiving phone calls from sellers, making the offers to sellers, and having your offer accepted, checking out the property is the next step. The reason is that, it is recommended that you take a closer look on your property. This is beneficial for you and your future plans for the property. Another reason is, you can put up a “for sale by owner” sign on the property, when you decide to put it back in the market.

Land Speculation and Demographic Changes

For those people that wish to speculate in raw land, it makes sense to understand how the city or area is growing and to understand the changes in demographics. And demographics can change for the good or for the worse. Often people use that old famous quote; “there goes the neighborhood,” and what they are referring to is an undesirable demographic moving in and lowering the property values of everyone around.

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