Colorado Land for sale, 0.61 acres of beautiful land come check it out!

Bulgarian Land For Sale – What to Look For

There is plenty of Bulgarian land for sale and some of it seems extremely cheap when compared to land prices in the rest of Europe. It can pose a great investment but there are some points you to need to take into account. Firstly, it is important to know what sort of land is for sale.

Rural Land For Sale – Out of the City & Into the Country

There is something quite magical about heading out of the city and into the country. It’s no wonder that rural land for sale in New Zealand continues to be a popular choice for both locals and people eying up investment property from overseas. While we may see some places as remote, when compared to the time many need to commute in large cities, commuting from a longer distance to a smaller distance everyday can look positively attractive in comparison.

Vacant Land is Your Own Piece of Paradise

Do you dream of owning a lovely piece of vacant land all your own? Perhaps you’re looking for an out of the way parcel for camping or hunting, a place to set one of those fire pits you’ve had your eye on so you and your family can make some memories in the great outdoors. The current real estate market is producing outstanding bargains for those who have money to spend.

Property Subdivision – Eliminating the Risk

What you don’t know: It is said – a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing – and this is very true especially in the case of property subdivision. When you speak to a specialist in property development and learn of all the pitfalls and extra things of which you should be aware, you start to realize how little you knew when you began the project.

House Site Plans – Regulations and Surveys

House site plans are created after a survey is performed. These plans will be used to demonstrate the proposed development of a parcel of land.

How Many Units I Can I Fit on the My Land?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are no set rules. Firstly, the shape, orientation and slope of your property and any other specific features that may affect development on your proposed site, must be determined.

Property Subdivision – Subdivide and Profit

A subdivision means dividing a single piece of property into smaller, individual lots, either to sell as separate plots of land or to allow for future development. Usually the proposed subdivision would involve undertakings which include notices and comments by the public and hearings before the local residents and councilors before official approval is given.

Arkansas Land For Sale

Arkansas is rich in history, culture and beauty. Arkansas land for sale is diverse in mountains, valleys and water. This relatively south eastern state contains over 605,000 acres of lakes and 9,750 miles of streams and rivers.

California Land For Sale

California – who doesn’t want to live there? The hub of the entertainment world, California land for sale is at a premium! Amongst the highest land values in the US, California offers as much or more for every dollar than every other state.

Land Investment – Buying and Selling Land For a Profit

Land investment can be extremely profitable. Learn the basic land investment essentials you need to know and the secrets and tips to securing a high-return land investment.

How to Leave a Legacy

Individuals who have achieved great things in their life often wonder how to leave a legacy, a legacy for their family to enjoy for many years to come. Unexpectedly, there is a perfect but uncommon solution.

Alabama Land For Sale – What You Need to Know

Reasons to buy land in Alabama. A quick overview of the state to persuade people to purchase real estate.

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