Colorado Land for sale, Great 5 Acre lot

Why Examine Amenities and Utilities Before Purchasing the Land?

When purchasing a lot for building your dream home, you may stop for a second from the blind rush you got into and think about finding the best solution for land purchase. You considered, of course, the amenities and utilities aspect, as it is a strong relationship between these two factors and the quality of the lot. The less amenities and utilities, the more your pockets will be affected.

Playa Del Carmen Land Development Is Affecting the Regional Environment

Towards the end of August, 2010, the Akumal Ecological Center (CEA) gave a presentation concerning sustainable development in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding area (on the Yucatan Peninsula). The presentation, delivered by Paul Sanchez, administrator of the CEA, offered a definition of sustainable development, and discussed how it applies to and affects Playa del Carmen real estate.   Sanchez defined sustainable development as the task of meeting needs of our current generation, “without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs,” defining it as a combination of efforts in the areas of “economic, social,…

What Is the Difference Between Land and a Lot?

The terms “lot” and “land” may be quite similar, but in the realm of construction, there are huge dissimilarities. First of all, all lots can be considered land but not all pieces of land can be considered lots. And here are the definitions: The lot is a property ready for building a house.

Deformation Surveys

Deformation surveys are used to measure whether or not a specific area of land or object is moving or changing shape. A deformation survey shows a change in measurements and alterations of shapes and dimensions of the land.

Perfect Properties For Sale in Oklahoma

Buying a tract of land is not a very big task but finding the perfect piece of land is. If you are looking for the most appropriate pieces of land then Oklahoma would suit you the best. To gather information on such pieces of land, read the article below; it has all the information regarding the various tracts of lands available for sale in Oklahoma and then you can make up your mind accordingly.

Buying an Acre of Land

When buying a house in older days, each house used to have some land with it. Nowadays, when looking around, there are lots of big houses on very small sections of land. It’s like being able to chat with neighbors while getting the mail because there are no yards. For some people, this can be a very frustrating thing. Who wants a five bedroom, three bathrooms, three story house that has a backyard the size of a patio; it’s such a waste.

Beginners Guide to the Honest Use of Land Options

I know from my personal experience in business school at VA Tech there is a good possibility that learning to flip land options to profit from honest business opportunities has the potential to earn more money than most college grads. Did you know that there are more self made millionaires with only a high school education in the United States than all Ivy League graduates who later become millionaires combined? This section is written as a general overview to help you learn…

Soil Surveys

We may take soil for granted as we walk on it each day, but what lies beneath the ground can tell us a lot about our Earth – ranging from what crops can grow through to the stability of the land for construction. Soil surveys are one way of mapping the properties of soil around the world.

Mineral Rights, Surface Ownership, Life Estates – Understanding Legal Ownership of Land

By law, property falls into two categories — real or personal. Real property includes land and whatever is permanently attached to land, found on it either by nature, (water, trees, or minerals) or by man (buildings, fences, bridges, roads).

ALTA Survey Standards

Land surveys are an important part of being a land owner and are essential for staying legally protected against land disputes. ALTA survey standards help to upkeep the quality and reliability of land surveys in the USA. The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) came together with ALTA to devise a set of land surveying standards to help promote uniformity across surveying information in the USA.

Topographic Surveys

There are many ways to map the Earth around us, each method having their own benefits. One type of method is a topographic survey, which are used for a variety of purposes.

Tips For Selling Land

Selling land poses a unique challenge, especially in tough economic times. If you have a piece of land to sell, try utilizing the tips below to make the sale process as smooth as possible.

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