Colorado land for sale with Breathtaking Views of 4.47 acres Costilla CO

Land Loans To Get That Land For Sale!

I used land loans a while back and had a pretty good experience with them. Up until the time that I needed one, I had no idea that there was such a term as “land loans”, I guess I just figured that it would be called a loan. I knew about construction loans but loans for land evaded me.

Make Sure That Your Cheap Land For Sale Sells!

If you have some land for sale then you probably know about the importance of making it look its best. Land is just like anything else that you want people to buy in the way that you will want it to look its best so that it will raise an interest. Having land for sale can create a lot of unneeded stress so the sooner that it gets sold, the better.

Vancouver Island Land for Sale – What Makes This Island Paradise A Great Investment Opportunity

Because Vancouver Island is located only a short distance off the mainland of British Columbia, many tourists and residents alike have decided to take advantage of Vancouver Island land for sale to build a full time home, or a vacation home. In fact, a good part of the appeal of the island is the journey getting there. Travelling from the mainland to Vancouver Island is an experience into and of itself.

Own Your Outdoor Dreamland in Oklahoma

Own your own outdoor space in one of America’s finest countryside locations. Scenic and rich with wildlife, good weather and rich soil, ideal for a home, hunting ground or ranching; own one of the undeveloped Oklahoma lands and turn it into what you love most.

Land Values In Southeastern Montana

Land values in Southeastern Montana have appreciated significantly over the past 10-12 years. In 1999, a section of land (640 acres) with highway frontage, two wells, a small home, a few old outbuildings, timbered butte, pasture, and crop acreage sold for $45,000.00. In 2004, a bare section of land (640 acres) consisting mostly of grass, a small piece of tillable land, and well, sold for $95,000.00. In June of 2010, another bare section of land (640 acres) consisting of 300 acres in CRP with 2 years left on the contract and balance in grass, and windmill well, sold for $320,000. Yes, that is a cool 711% increase in land appreciation over 11 years time for smaller acreages.

While Buying Land, Try Owner Financed Land for Sale So As to Get Financing Flexibility

One of the worst challenges while buying a piece of land is when the payment time comes. You find your dream property but the bank won’t give you a reasonable loan, nor are there any other easy modes of payment. However, there might still be some doors left, where you can knock and find the solution.

Land For Sale Deal With Developers Turns Sour

A farmer from Kilmarnock says that his family has been left devastated by a land deal with developers that has seen them lose their £27 million worth of land for just £350,000. Farmer Jamie McFadzean said that his father had even suffered a heart attack due to the fact that he realised that he had simply signed away the family fortune. It resulted in Mr McFadzean staging a sit-in protest at East Ayrshire Council chambers.

Vacant Land Loan: Things You Need to Know

You want to build your home own, in your own land. This is your ultimate dream. You are someone called a first home buyer. Or if not, you may be someone who’s contemplating on building your second home, in your own land. Is this possible? How much will it cost you? Vacant Land Loan may be the answer to your question.

Texas Land For Sale – Why Texas Is The State To Live In To Beat The Recession

If you want to beat the recession buy Texas land for sale. Texas is doing better in the recession than any other state due to diversity in economy, lower real estate taxes and high tech industry.

How to Sell Your Home in a Down Market?

There isn’t anything that’s more stressful than trying to selling your home in a dull market. A house that doesn’t sell soon enough after being listed in the market is sure to damage the future chances of a sale.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Lot

As you begin your search for the perfect piece of land to build your home on, there are some important things to keep in mind. Most competent home builders will know what to look for to determine if the land is a good place to build, but some people will go to a real estate agent first when looking for a lot to build on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but like any industry, people’s expertise varies.

The Benefits Of Title Insurance

Most people don’t think about title insurance. It is necessary to have in case the real estate title is not clear of encumbrances.

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