DataTree Hacks: How to Find Portfolio Owners With Multiple Properties

Getting Ready For Land Projects

Do you have some land projects that you want to do? Then you need to find out what is required before you do any type of land development. Otherwise, you could easily find yourself in legal trouble. Find out now what you will need.

Notable Notes

Our schoolteachers had always taught us to keep (volumes of) class notes. Do it again when learning about tax delinquent investing. Notes always provide us information. They do not merely add knowledge but also guide us in making decisions.

Bad Addresses

Another means to know which property owners are willing to give up on their lots is to ask the county if they have list of “bad addresses”. When counties send out mail to owners regarding their property tax, if the owner doesn’t respond to the mail and the mail wasn’t sent back to them, usually the county makes a list of these “bad addresses”.

The Secret to Land Development Financing

Using what we call “OPM” or Others People’s Money the best and really the only way to finance any of your developments, and in saying that, any of your real estate investments! This may not be new to you, but many people are amazed and the response that is heard often goes something like this “ahh, so that is how they do it”. Depending on where you live in the world, there are several methods that can be used to obtain financing. In the USA there are generally 3 ways.

Quick Checks, Quick Cash

Buying properties that do not have zoning and environmental issues quickly sells. Checking the technical dimensions of the property is also an essential.

Texas Land Information – Why You Should Bother Investing in Real Texas Land

Texas is a huge state; it encompasses over 260,000 square miles making it the second biggest state in the Union. Needless to say, with this much square footage there is a lot of Texas land to go around.

Arkansas Land Information – Why is Arkansas a Good State For Land Investments?

With the state of the economy today, people are making moves all around the United States. Different people have different reasons for moving, but most are in search of a better life and many are traveling south. Arkansas is one of the more fertile southern states; bordered on one side by the Mississippi River.

Obtaining Development Approval For Your Land

This is something True Developers do very early in the process. By doing this they are in effect minimising their risk at the earliest stage of the development. So in the above mentioned article, I wrote how you don’t buy land first!!!! You do your research to determine the land’s ‘development capacity’ and once this is achieved as mentioned above, and you know for sure that you can development X units on this block that cost you X dollars, therefore providing yourself with the land cost per unit, you are able to set about lodging the appropriate forms with the governing body to obtain Development Approval.

How to Choose a Land Investment Company?

When a person is looking for land to invest in, there are a number of ways that they can get that done. They can try to go looking for investments themselves, which is usually what most people initially try to do. However, the main problem with this method is that the average person knows next to nothing about land investment and that can become a big problem quickly if they try to go looking for good investments themselves.

What Determines the Buying Price For Land For Real Estate Development?

As the media continue to push down our necks all the negative garbage that is happening in the property arena, and you see more and more property developers not doing well, you must obviously ask the question, why are they doing so bad? What did they do wrong? The fundamental question to your answer is in the above! If they had done their market research and if they had been vigilant, there would not be so many of them in the predicament they are in now.

County Lists

Knowing what records to look for is somewhat straight forward initially. List only those property records that are tax delinquent. List all delinquents, including 1-2 years delinquents or even a day or month delinquent. List every property owner that did not pay their real property taxes.

Get Connected and Ride the Fast Lane

If you are an entrepreneur, most likely you will agree when someone says that Information is the key to ones business success. Whatever business you are in, decision makers initially gather data or information before they start deciding on what to do.

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