DataTree Hacks: How to Search and Find Property Owners Nationwide

Tips For Buying Unimproved Rural Land

Owning rural acreage might be a good investment idea. There are some things you should check into before buying, however, so that you are not faced with surprises when you are ready to develop the land.

Shoshone County, Silver Valley Real Estate is Hot

Despite the cooler weather Shoshone County, Silver Valley real estate is hot! Buy why?

Texas Acres Land – Up and Coming

Looking for a great water view location to live or invest in? Texas Acres Subdivision in Onalaska, Texas, just might be what your looking for.

Buying Land – Issues To Keep In Mind

The current real estate market is in the dumps. This has had the secondary effect of driving down the price of land. If you are interested in building your own home, it is a good time to buy land.

A Summary Of The Ways To Profit From A Land Investment

Where once English land ownership was the sole preserve of the Royal Family, the Lords of the Realm and sundry blue-blooded families, at the start of the 21st Century Britons lacking a traceable blood-line are increasingly buying land for either investment or commercial purposes. UK land ownership, whilst still concentrated in a small clique (the upper classes, property developers, farmers etc), is now in the national consciousness and is something to which many people aspire.

Tax Deed Auctions Explained

In the US if a property owner does not pay his property taxes the government will take that property away from him either through a Tax Lien Sale and subsequent foreclosure of the lien or through a Tax Deed Sale. Tax Deed Sales are a common way in many states for counties to get their Property Tax Dollars released to them. And it is a great way for Investors to get a property with a huge discount (sometimes as much as 60-80% below market value).

How To Put Your Cash Flow On Auto Pilot

As you buy properties using my three techniques of you will need to determine whether you want to sell them for CASH only or for TERMS, meaning with a loan which you carry back. Ideally you will find that you want to do a combination of both techniques.

Hidden Way to Profit From Your Property – Donating the Property

If you have a property which you bought through one of the three ways of buying Tax Delinquent properties I am teaching, then you probably have only paid 5-10% of the true market value of that property. Now it is time to realize the profits on that property and one hidden way often overlooked it to Donate the property to a qualified Charity. I am not an Attorney or a CPA, so this is Not meant as absolute advise but only as something that could spark your interests but requires checking and verification with a CPA and/or Attorney.

Wealth Building Through Land Flipping – Re-Investing Your Profits

Often my clients and students ask me how I made a fortune in Tax Delinquent Real Estate Investing. The answer is obvious, by making over 5000 Real Estate Transactions since 2002 and making money an virtually all of them.

Nerja Property – Growing In Demand

One of the desires of people is to own some property. It can be anything. A small piece of land or a flat.

How Land is Both Profitable and Low Risk!

However, there are exceptions. Land investment has historically proved itself as a low risk investment that can yield a much better return than other, traditional investments.

Why Land is a Great Way to Start Your Portfolio

If you are thinking about starting your investment portfolio, but you don’t know what to invest in, than Land is a great solution for you. Unlike stocks and shares, you won’t lose your piece of land. And unlike savings plans and other investments, land doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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