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Increase or Decrease in Land Values?

Don’t buy that parcel of land based on the assumption that land always appreciates in value because “they’re not making any more of it.” You could be in for a big surprise.

McKinney, Dallas, Fort Worth Area – Buying Land In The Texas Real Estate Market

How To Buy McKinney Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Real Estate in the under current market conditions. What to look for if you are looking buy, invest or relocate to Texas.

Identifying Buyers for Residential Land Developments

In a sense, the most important work you’ll ever do as a seller of land for development takes place way before you put the property up for sale and begin to market it. Before you can sell your land, you first need to determine who is the likeliest buyer for it. Here are some tips on how to identify the building organizations who may be your best buyer prospects.

Land Development Values – Checklist for Preliminary Due Diligence

Several categories of information about a parcel can help you determine fairly quickly if it is worthy of serious consideration. Learn what issues should be on your preliminary checklist and how to gather information effectively and efficiently.

Regulate Real Estate

In countries like India, real estate boom is creating social tensions. Unless steps are taken to curb the speculative element in land/plot deals, common man may feel dejected. Land Bank is the only solution that can make available land/plots for genuine end users.

Land Buying Tips

Buying land can be a very confusing ordeal. There are many reasons to buy land. Some people buy for investment, some buy to live on the property. No matter why you buy land, we all want to…

Land Development Values – Identifying Serious Sellers

Not everybody who puts their land parcels on the market is a real seller. Learn how to separate the real sellers from the rest of the pack.

Central Florida Land Appraiser – Residential Development & Eminent Domain

The state of Florida has some phenomenal land from coast to coast. From city to country land is a precious commodity always increasing in value.

Red Flag Land Developments – Restrictive Covenants, Notes & Conditions

The expression that you should be careful what you wish for because you might just get it applies to the real estate development business. How can you wind up getting a whole lot more (and a great deal less) than what you really wanted? The answer is simple: by getting involved with a parcel that has “hidden” restrictions attached to it.

Land Grants From the US Government

You will find very little information about getting a land grant from the United States government. This has historically been reserved for schools or universities to better educate the masses. Finding information on the subject proves to be very difficult.

The Cheesecake Approach to Investing in Raw Land

In the midst of the real estate bubble craze raw land continues to be a profitable source for the savvy investor. How do you profit from raw land and what are all of the moving parts?

Red Flag Land Developments – Physical Limitations

Potential land developments are “red flags” when there’s some fact or condition that should make you stop dead in your tracks because the property probably cannot be developed at a profit. You may not even be able to solve the problem caused by a parcel’s physical characteristics or if there is a solution, it may be just too expensive.

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