Everything You Need to Know About Land Entitlements w/ Mike Marshall

Land Squatters

Land users that file an “adverse possession” claim against property they have worked for a number of years can be awarded said land by the courts, “without” the original property owner knowing of such claim. This article explores such claims and gives you a list of some things you can do to protect your property.

Louisiana – Recreation, Tourist Destinations, Farming in Louisiana, Timber Industry, Land Sales

Louisiana – The Perfect Blend of Industry and Fun. A brief overview about farming, the timber industry, land sales, tourist destinations and recreation in the state of Louisiana.

Real Estate and Property Rights, a Cautionary Tale That Is a True Story

I see very little discussion about mineral and water rights out there today. With all the world wide grab for natural resources, property buyers and owners need to know what they are getting.

Planning Drawings: Taking a Swift Look Through the Essentials

Planning drawings are not simplistic diagrams that reflect the design of the architecture. There is more to it than that. Take a look here.

Canadian Atlantic Coast Properties Attract American Settlers

Americans are looking north of the border for affordable Atlantic coast living with properties and land for sale very much similar to the ones found on the coast of Maine. Provinces such as New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia offer, peaceful living conditions great for a cottage retreat or a full time living placement.

What To Look For In The Land You Are Purchasing?

When somebody is in the process of buying and constructing a house, it is necessary to realize the importance of finding the right piece of land. Many development projects are coming up, which provide reliable places to invest one’s money in, but in case you are planning to buy a standalone piece of property, then you will have to be careful that the land you buy is approved from the government to build.

How to Prepare Your Land For Sale

Many people, who have purchased pieces of land and are planning to sell them, often are not sure which direction to proceed in. In such a situation, it is best to consult a person who has significant experience in the sale of land. There are various ways in which one can put up land for sale ad depending on the state of real estate in your locality a number of methods can be experimented with for getting best results.

Useful Services Offered By Land Surveying Companies

National Alta Land Surveys play an important role in assessing a property’s worth. It is also useful for analyzing the amount of land that might be utilized for construction.

Dairy Farm Sales In Timaru

With the dairy industry absolutely booming in New Zealand, many are planning a change in lifestyle and career and taking up dairy farming. Sheep and beef farmers are also shifting to dairy farming because of current returns and the future potential of dairy farming in this Country. If you are thinking about a move into the dairy industry in New Zealand then you should consider farm sales in Timaru.

Gem Mining

The most popular method is mining in pits (depth 2ft – 25ft) and tunnelling. Surface gemming and dredging in river beds are other methods which depend on the nature and the location of the gem deposits.

Finding the Best Surveyors

Surveying is a very important part of the construction process and without it you would not be able to properly construct a building. In order to get a proper surveying job done there are a wide variety of details that must be attended to and a lot of equipment is needed to ensure that the survey is carried out according to plan. You can be sure that if you want a team to assist you with surveying you should take your time and try to find the best one around.

Tethered Floating Robotic Barge to Collect Suspended Ocean Sediment to Build Up Beaches

The ocean and the surf are constantly moving around the sand at the beach. Sometimes it adds sand to the beach which is a good thing for us, other times it erodes the sand until there is no beach left at all. In the case where there is massive erosion causing conflicts and challenges for human civilization, what if we could reverse the process, and change the tide? What if we could have the beach constantly adding sand rather than taking it away?

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