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Who Wants To Be Ted Turner’s Neighbor?

700 acres will go up for auction in one Florida’s most pristine area. This prime piece of land, also known as a hunter’s paradise or retreat has two miles of frontage on Interstate 10 with a paved overpass. The property has two prominent neighbors as well, the Avalon Ranch owned by media mogul and maybe the nation’s largest land owner, Ted Turner, and also St. Joe, the largest corporate land owner in Florida.

Fort Bend Land and Homes is bucking the US Trends

Fort Bend County bucking national real estate trends.

The Popularity of Land Investment Is Growing

Want to bank in on a solid investment? You don’t have to be a Realtor to sell land, and best of all land holds its value and appreciates over time, as it’s a finite commodity.

Land is the New Stock Market

Sick and Tired of the Stock Market? Investing in Land pours bigger profits!

Looking for Land in All the Wrong Places

Buying a piece of property does not need to rob you of too much time.

Finding Land to Build Your New Home

Finding the right lot to build your new home can often be quite a task, depending on how particular you are about things. Regardless, the phrase “location, location, location” is often recited for a reason – where your house is can go a long way in determining its initial appraisal value and resale value. So be sure to carefully evaluate your options and what is important to you.

How to Buy Land in Mexico

A look at what it takes to purchase land in Mexico for investment or for personal use. This article talks about the legal ways to purchase land–even on the coast or in border areas.

Find the Best Place to Live by Using Radionics

Anyone who has traveled even a little has noticed that they like some places better than others because some locations make us feel nourished and give us energy whereas others pull us down. It may have occurred to you that there is an ideal place somewhere for you to live that would allow you to be your productive best; you would feel happy and blessed to live there. How do you find this ideal new home? Because of advances in a field called “radionics” you now have an easier way to discover your true home…

Ski Property

If you are looking for a ski resort community to purchase ski property then you may want to consider Park City, Utah. The Park City Utah real estate market offers a great selection of ski property to choose from including ski in ski out property. Park City is one of the easiest ski towns to get to.

Ways to Profit From Land Investment

Want to learn about land investment? If you are trying to get into the real estate game, land investment might be the solution you have been looking for.

Top 7 Types of Land To Be on The Look Out For

Don’t invest in land located nowhere. It’s all about location, location, location. Lakes, Golf Courses, Gated Communities, and more!

Buying Land in the UK – A Good Investment? Use Care and Beware

With today’s boom in the UK land prices, one could think it’s a sure-fire way to make a lot of money. Think again! You need to use care and beware when buying land in the UK. If you are astute in your research, and find the correct situation, you can make a great profit.

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