HousingWire Magazine: The ‘Servicing’ Issue

Brena Nath, Director of HW+ & Events

Who would you say carries the longest relationship with the homebuyer? From the real estate agent to the title agent, the real estate transaction is one of the largest money transactions that also has the highest number of people involved. My answer would be your mortgage servicer. But even my answer is debatable and might be changing. 

Historically there has been so much focus on choosing the right real estate agent and loan officer. And that relationship has never been more important than in times of economic distress or recession. 

The February magazine has long focused on the servicer and borrower relationship. In this issue, we dive into the latest trends in mortgage defaults and examine why they occur.

From the red flags warning that forbearance is coming to the life shocks that cause them, everyone from regulators to loan officers are focused on preserving homeowners’ ability to stay in their homes. The housing market may be going through tough times, but that doesn’t mean there’s a tidal wave of forbearance headed our way. You can learn why in the feature that starts on page 30. 

After following the state of servicing at the start of each year since the magazine first launched, I’m excited for you to see what makes this year unique. 

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