How Important Are Real Estate Reviews? 5 Things to Know

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Research from 2018 showed that only 11% of Americans trusted real estate agents. Much of this came down to people’s lack of trust in how agents handle their work.

The majority of people looking to buy a home have a certain level of distrust during this process. This is why real estate reviews can be so important for you to attract clients.

There is plenty of research that shows the effectiveness of positive reviews. This doesn’t just apply to businesses selling a product, it also applies to agents and local listings.

Keep reading to find out how important real estate reviews are for your success.

Reviews Bring New Business

One of the biggest benefits of local real estate reviews is that they bring in business. Whether you are part of an agency or work on your own, reviews are vital to your success.

People who are looking to buy homes from local listing options are going to check reviews. They aren’t going to blindly trust just any real estate agent to guide them through this process.

Positive reviews help you to stand out amongst your competition. This is vital for local real estate listings since the competition is usually very difficult.

People are much more likely to be influenced by positive reviews than by any other kind of information. Having a professional website and licensing only goes so far.

They Increase Search Ranking

When people are looking for listings for real estate, they do this online. Reviews are also located online and have a direct impact on your search ranking.

This may not seem important, but this is what helps potential clients to find you. Google’s algorithm puts a lot of pressure on your online presence, and how positive it is.

Positive reviews show Google that you are trustworthy and reputable. Because of this, Google will push you higher up in the search rankings so that you show up to more potential clients.

If you have too many negative reviews, this could create the opposite effect.

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Real Estate Reviews Create a Reputation

We already know that reviews give you a reputation online. Google uses these to figure out whether it should recommend you or not to people looking for agents locally.

But reviews also impact your reputation in other ways. You won’t be able to find real estate clients locally if you aren’t considered to be a reputable agent.

Your local reputation is extremely important for your success. This is where word-to-mouth reviews are also important since people rely on recommendations from people that they know.

This will help you to be established so that you have access to more real estate properties and clients.

How to Get More Positive Reviews

Now that you know how important real estate reviews are, how can you get more reviews? This is a problem that many agents have if they haven’t been working for very long.

The reality is that it can be quite difficult to get reviews from your clients. People are busy and often don’t stop to take the time to leave a review for their agent.

In most cases, people don’t do this unless they have had an amazingly positive experience. Or they do this if they had a very bad experience, resulting in a negative review.

Go Above and Beyond

When you have a new client, you want to try to go above and beyond. Putting time and attention to small details is going to set you apart from other agents.

When people feel cared for, they are very much more likely to have a positive experience with you. You should try to understand exactly what they are looking for during this process.

You can also keep in touch to discuss real estate properties and options available to them. The more engagement you create, the better chance you have of receiving positive feedback.

It is easy for clients to feel neglected, especially since agents may juggle several at one time.

Be Engaging

You also want to make sure you are engaging with your clients. You want to be positive and uplifting, especially if they are feeling particularly stressed.

Your mood is going to directly impact how they feel and the experience they have. You should be approachable and honest, positive but not in an artificial way.

Clients are much more likely to leave positive feedback if you were enjoyable to be around. This is especially true if the process of finding local real estate was difficult for them.

Stay In Touch

Another tip that real estate agents forget about is staying in touch with their past clients. It is easy to simply move on once the deal has been closed and everyone goes their separate ways.

You can generate a huge amount of positive reviews by staying in touch with your clients. You can send them a card each Christmas or ask for updates about how they like their home.

You can even go to the extent of sending a gift on the anniversary that they bought their home. There are all kinds of ways that you can go above and beyond so that they recommend you to others.

Real Estate Reviews and How Important They Are

Part of being a successful real estate agent is getting real estate reviews. Local listings and clients can be difficult to get if you are competing with many other agents.

Are you interested in creating a positive reputation for yourself as an agent? Contact us today at Realty Biz News for more information on marketing yourself.

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