How Important is a Cash Buyers List?

Investing in Farm, Ranch, and Recreational Hunting Property in Texas – A Solid Investment

Texans have a deep rooted passion for hunting and wildlife-related outdoor recreation. Over 94% of all land in Texas is under private ownership, with very limited recreational hunting opportunities on public land. So if you want to hunt in Texas you must either own your own hunting property or know someone that does, lease hunting rights, or hunt with an outfitter or hunting guide. The demand for quality recreational hunting land has seen a tremendous increase over the last 10 years and with an exploding human population that demand will only continue to increase.

Buying Land in Tennessee – Your Smart Realty Investment!

If you are thinking of owning the piece of land that you always wanted, then choose to invest in Tennessee land. The land here is more affordable and allows for multiple uses too.

Property Tax Benefits – Wildlife Management Valuations on Texas Farm, Ranch, and Hunting Properties

According to the Texas Comptroller over 144 million acres of land in Texas is currently appraised as agricultural land. Prior to 1995 lands devoted primarily to wildlife management were excluded from this favorable tax benefit. In 1995 the people of Texas voted and overwhelmingly approved Proposition 11. This amendment as authorized by Section 1-d-1 of the Texas Constitution expanded the agricultural valuation to include wildlife management.

Buying Land: The First Step for the New Home Builder

We may be living in a free world, where we are largely able to do as we please, but when it comes to building that new home of our dreams, we cannot put it just anywhere. You need a good, solid plot of land to stand as the foundation for your future, and that is going to cost you. In this economy, it is hard to get financing for building a new home unless you already have your land secured and paid for, so for the new home builder, getting that land should be the first step in…

Managing Native Food Plants for Waterfowl on Hunting Properties Along the Texas Gulf Coast

Moist-soil management by popular definition is the manipulation of soil and water to encourage the establishment of desirable native waterfowl food plants adapted to growth in a wet environment. Moist-soil plants are higher in nutritional value, decompose at a slower rate when submerged underwater, and provide a greater diversity of waterfowl foods than small-grain agriculture. The low management costs associated with moist-soil management make it one of the most cost-effective and successful waterfowl management practices for hunting properties along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Developing Waterfowl Habitat on Farm, Ranch, and Recreational Hunting Properties

Developing waterfowl habitat on your farm, ranch, or recreational hunting property is probably one of the most cost-effective and rewarding types of wildlife habitat development there is. If properly planned out and implemented the fruits of your labor can be experienced in a relatively short amount of time, in some cases within the same year. In terms of most other types of wildlife habitat development that’s “warp” speed.

Farm, Ranch, and Recreational Hunting Property for Waterfowl Along the Texas Gulf Coast

Along the Texas Gulf Coast lies a broad coastal plain that extends up to 80 miles inland and encompasses over 9.5 million acres. This ecologically important geographic area is commonly referred to as the Texas Coastal Prairies and it provides important habitat for one of the largest winter concentrations of waterfowl in all of North America. In most years this region winters over 2 million snow geese and 1.5 million ducks making it one of the top destinations in the U.S. for waterfowl hunting enthusiasts.

Is Investing in Land Wise?

A wise man once said, “Buy land, they are not making it anymore.” Many view real estate as a vehicle to wealth. Land ownership is undeniably a definite source of financial security. Land will always increase in value, making it one of the most lucrative investments around.

Farm, Ranch, and Recreational Real Estate – Buyer Representation 101 – A Prerequisite

Anyone in the market to purchase real estate should always be represented by their own qualified broker. Always remember that the listing broker was hired, works for, and has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller. Hiring your own buyer broker is your insurance that your best interests are protected. And best of all, the buyer broker commission is typically paid by the seller with no out-of-pocket expense to the buyer.

For the Love of the Land

Sometimes a person owns some acreage that they may have either purchased or inherited. This acreage is really special, as it is beautiful, natural or untouched. If you are that person, you may want to preserve its beauty and make sure that it does not just become another subdivision. What step can you take now that will help you to preserve that land and its purpose?

Land Surveyors: Who They Are and What They Do

People who combine their sense of adventure, their love of technology, and their talents in making things happen with their desire to leave a lasting impression are the people who joined the ever expanding world of land surveying. Land surveying is one of the world’s most important occupations. It is the only profession licensed to create new property boundaries.

Rural Real in Estate New Zealand: Living in the Country

New Zealand is an excellent country to live in and featuring many great countryside locations that you can choose from to start your life. One such place is the West Coast in the South Island. The beautiful rawness and close proximity of nature makes this rural location a great place to buy rural real estate in New Zealand.

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