How the Commercial Real Estate Industry Can Recruit Gen Z Talent

The reigning theory about the Generation Z labor force is that company culture and reputation matter the most. More and more, we hear that younger candidates for office jobs care so deeply about what company culture is like and what actions they are taking in arenas like environmental sustainability that it could ultimately sway their decision of whether or not to work at a company. It’s not just hearsay; countless studies and surveys have shown that culture and DEI efforts matter more to Gen Z than any other generation before them. Most major companies have gotten the memo and laid out transparent ESG and diversity goals. Faced with this landscape, and an ongoing labor shortage that is heating up the competition, some of the largest commercial real estate brokerage firms in the industry are expanding their recruiting efforts and trying new approaches and programs that cast a wide net to lure those from the soon-to-be largest generation ever.

Commercial real estate has not been immune to the labor shortage. Since 2021, the widespread problem has led to staffing headaches across countless industries. The latest job report released last month was overwhelmingly positive, with unemployment averages hitting a 53-year low. Despite this, labor market struggles are still being felt. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in a news conference at the time that the labor market was not only “extremely tight” but also “out of balance.” This past December, there were around 11 million job openings, nearly two for every available worker.

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