How To Buy Land With No Money Down EP 1

Ways To Find Free Land And Property

Claiming free land or property as a practice exists since the ancient times. You need to search and choose the right plot to claim. This article tells you how to claim effectively for free land.

Finding Rural Investment Opportunities

With property prices in the main urban centres going through a period of stagnant growth, opportunities for urban real estate investment are few and far between. At least, there are far fewer quality investment options in urban centres than there once were many years ago.

Are Cedar Trees Native to Texas Hill Country Ranches?

The ashe juniper tree.  Oh, how I loathe the ashe juniper tree.  I’ve cleared it my whole life, knowing well its ability to stick you with its needles, make you sick with its pollen, grow anywhere even right out of rock, lay low to dull your chainsaw blade on limestone, and burn so hot and flare up so fast that it can take the hair right off your arm if you get too close.

An Essential Guide To Owning Government Land

Buying land is much more affordable now, so that even with those who are a little short on budget can fulfill their dreams of owning a piece of land. There is plenty of government land available for sale, that you can get at reduced prices.

Buying Land in Bali: The Essentials

It might surprise you to learn that foreigners have a distinct advantage when it comes to buying in Bali, compared to the rights of locals. Yes, it surprised us too!

Aldea Zama – Points to Look for in a Land Purchase in Tulum

When looking for land in Tulum, there are some factors that can turn a good property purchase into a great investment. Many of the features offered by Aldea Zama, an upscale land development in Tulum, demonstrate this point.

Northern Vs Southern California – Where Is Better Land Investment?

With the current real estate market in an unpredictable state due largely in part to the economic crisis that has affected the world, there are opportunities presented by the situation. There has not been a better time to invest in land in California. The challenge however, is deciding where in the state to concentrate your investment in, northern or southern California.

Notes on the History of Land Surveying

Land surveying is one of the oldest professions in the world. Ever since man has decided that a portion of land should belong to a tribe, the need for land surveying began.

Why Buy Land? Core Benefits and Inner Game Theory

Why Buy Land? “When a parcel of ground is deeded to you and you walk all over it and call it your own, it seems as if you had come into partnership with the Original Proprietor of the Earth” – Henry Ward Beecher People buy land for different reasons… they want to build their dream vacation, or they want to landbank their money, or maybe they want a place to go camping or hunting. There are multitude reasons why people buy land. But no matter what your personal reasons are, underneath all of those reasons, there’s a psychological benefit to owning land that maybe you’re not even aware of yet.

Mexico Real Estate Spotlight – Tulum Land For Sale

There are a handful of opportunities in Mexico real estate which any interested investor and even more casual buyers should not overlook. One of these is Tulum real estate, and more specifically, Tulum land for sale.

The Benefits of Selling Your Ground Rent

If you currently own a freehold then you may already be well aware of the burden of managing a block far outweighs the minimal level of income you receive from it. Selling the ground will firstly relieve you of the responsibilities of managing the block and furthermore free up a considerable amount of cash. As many people have already realised the greatest benefit of selling you freehold is that it can help you free up your investment and give you the money that it’s worth to spend on other things, at your leisure.

Buying a Mexico Home for Sale in Yucatan – Options to Consider

One of the most interesting areas for Mexico homes for sale is Yucatan. Yucatan homes offer buyers excellent variety in location, styles and lifestyle. Here we will review the main groups of options in this market.

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