How to Use Redfin and LandWatch to Determine Land Values

The Beauty of Hardeman County, Tennessee

Tennessee is not really a traditional state in the sense of land investment. When people invest in land, they are usually looking for land that is close to the action because that is land that tends to gain value at a lot quicker pace. While this might not be possible in many parts of Tennessee, at the same time it is also a great place to buy land exactly for that reason.

Why Land is a Better Investment Than Stocks

To most people, investment is like playing a video game in a language you don’t understand. While you can see things happening on the screen and deduce the basics of what is happening from those images, at the same time it is impossible for you to really go any further. Just as this can be overcome by learning the language of the video game, so too can it be overcome in investment through study.

Due Diligence – What a Buyer Needs to Know Before Buying Land

In times of economic uncertainty, which is unfortunately the time that we are currently in for most of the world, the best place to put your money is into something that will always hold some value. Stocks in publicly traded companies are not optimal at this point in time because company stocks can go from dollars per share to pennies per share in a single trading day if the worst happens and a stock market crash occurs.

Hitting the Bull’s Eye

A successful tax delinquent investment requires your undaunted focus towards your ultimate goal. Just like a golfer intimidated yet captivated by the sublimely peaceful greenery — his goal is the hole on the other end. As well as, with a person who plays darts — his only goal is the bull’s eye. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the most appealing letter to be read and understood and to yield a successful transaction regardless on what motivation gets you there.

Haste Makes Waste

In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, you shouldn’t wait until the tax delinquent property comes up for the highly competitive tax lien or tax deed auctions. You don’t want to wait to invest in the property, when it has accumulated years of unpaid taxes. Instead, you want to go to the seller today and buy it for pennies on the dollar.

Why Today is the Best Time to Invest in Land

There are many people that have been talking about the real estate bubble collapsing within the United States and there are many people that have also been talking about the ensuing global credit crunch that has come about as a result of a similar thing taking place on a national level within the United States. Both of these things are quite true in terms of events that have happened, but rather than making you turn away from investing in land, what they should really be doing is making you look forward to investing in land. The best time to invest…

20 Years of Increasing Tennessee Land Values

Tennessee is a state that has figured prominently into the course of history in the United States, both in terms of the political and in terms of the economic. The Volunteer State as it has come to be known in popular fiction currently has the 36th largest land area in the United States, but at the same time has the 17th largest population within the United States, largely because of the size and prominence of urban centers such as Nashville and Memphis. There is another thing…

Tax Delinquent Investment Basic Questioning Matters to Ask Tax Lien Property Sellers

When a tax delinquent owner calls you, there are a few questions you have to ask them, especially when you already have them on the line. It is obvious you have to know who they are and why they are calling you. If they fail to be detailed about which property they are talking about for you to distinguish which one they own, go ahead and ask them, it’s perfectly fine to do that.

Buying Land For Profit

There are certain factors which need to be considered when buying land. In this article, we discuss the purchase of land for profit.

Determine What Kind of Land is Right is Perfect For You

The first question to determine is what type of land the buyer is looking for. Currently you will find a variety of land lots available on the MLS. Land parcels vary, from lots to large acreage and developed or undeveloped.

Property Due Diligence – Where and How to Get It

Seperating the high profit properties from the money pits all comes down to property due diligence. Knowing what information you need and where to find it will save you countless dollars, headaches, and time.

Deal Or No Deal?

In the Tax Delinquent Investment Business, you might want to start investing in a diversified market. When you find a property you are interested and when you already have the time to talk with the seller of a property, one thing that you should need to ask them is: If the property is free and clear. This is important because in here you will have the idea if there are current mortgages owed or none.

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