Is Airtable the Right CRM Software for Land Investors?

Why Land Investment Is Still Lucrative During This Recession

Ever since the start of the current financial crisis many so called experts and news stations have been making it seem that the real estate market, including land, has all but been destroyed. The truth, however, is that land investment is not responsible for the current recession. It is because of the recession that land remains one of, if not the best, option for investment.

Why Using Land As Your Investment Vehicle is Better Than Gambling in the Stock Market

When thinking about where to invest your money, one of the questions you will likely be faced with will be whether to invest in land or in stocks. The decision may seem challenging at first but in the long run you will quickly realize that it is a no-brainer. Using land as your investment vehicle is far better than using the stock market.

Mexico Land in Playa Del Carmen – Opportunities in New Investment

Playa del Carmen is now a thriving and growing tourism center. Good land investments, either for building a personal home, or for investment return are still available, and can be found with the help of an experienced Playa del Carmen realtor.

Land Auctions – Ease of Use Makes Them Popular

The internet has changed our lives forever in so many ways that you could write books upon books about it. As an example, most people don’t even go to their banks anymore and instead do all their banking online. There are people that haven’t set foot in a bank in the last decade.

How to Choose Home and Land Packages in Melbourne

Looking for a great community to reside in can be quite a task. If you live in or near Melbourne, or you’re considering moving here from out of town, then one of your best options would be to go with the best real estate company that you can find.

US and Europe Market Conditions

The idea that banks are willing to lend their credit facilities more freely, it would be wise to examine the terms and conditions of the credit facility you are planning to take as property market comes in phases (Source: Wikipedia, 2009). Europe’s practice of collective austerity may affect the world economy. Europe can no longer spend more than they earn. This could have an impact on the world economy.

Things to Consider When Buying Land in Ghana

Following the recent floods in Ghana which have killed at least thirty-five people, I am motivated to share with you experiences I have learnt from my father in his ‘land buying stories’. The recent floods in the country which meteorologists say is as a result of global warming is been referred to as the most disastrous in the past few years.

Commercial Real Estate – Points For Profit

Land Development is about taking a piece of raw land and changing its use (better known as rezoning). There is a good chance that the value of the land can go up substantially in value. Land can be a very profitable investment, plus you can do really big deals without using much of your own money!

Waterfront Development – An Enterprise With Immense Potential For Progress

The article describes opportunities to develop coastal areas with respect to tourism. The article touches upon the need to plan activities like developing resorts with a holistic approach involving various aspects from the technical and commercial to the environmental.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) – Land Use and Planning

This section in an initial study checklist addresses the potential land use and planning impacts associated with a project. It deals with the physical impacts a project may cause, such as creating barriers that would divide an established community.

Buying Land – Selecting a Location

This article is about things you should consider when purchasing raw land. It does not tell you the best places to make your purchase, but rather discusses various factors so you can make a more informed decision according to what your needs, tastes, and resources are.

Industrial Land Acquisitions in India

India is a fastest growing economy; industrial development is the back bone of any state. A large number of investments by overseas corporate are taking shape. Some of the corporate have presence in India, and plan for major expansions in other states, while the others are entering the Indian market as new players.

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