Is Your Property In A Flood Zone? Find Out In 2 Minutes Or Less!

Get to Know About Noida Residential Property

With the pouring investments for IT and ITES development in Noida, there has been a significant population growth in the city. Hence, with the rapid growth of the commercial real estate market, the Noida residential property has also grown rapidly.

Short Sales – Agents and Investors Working Together

With agents and investors working as a team in a correctly structured and streamlined manner, the percentage of closed short sale deals increases dramatically. Read more on this Collaborative effort.

Land Guarantees Safety of Fund and a Very High Return on Investment

In this period of global financial crisis, a lot of investment portfolios have crashed. The stock market, where a lot of people had invested their hard-earned money, has nose dived, leaving a lot of people disillusioned on where else they can safely invest without losing their money. Land is one of the few investments that seem to guaranty safety of funds and a very high return on investment. It’s a sure step unaffected by the financial meltdown especially when not over valued.

Why Land Sales Are at the Mercy of Foreclosures

Okay, so we all made mistakes during the real estate bubble and this is no secret. From the governments stipulations for more lenient lending practices to the banks and mortgage folks exchanging long term quality for short term gains. And yes, even us real estate agents can bare some of the blame.

Emerging Real Estate Markets For 2010

By and large, year 2009 was not a good one for real estate sector. There were price declines, financial crunch, foreclosures, mortgage defaults, short sales, lots of properties lying vacant in the markets that were once considered quite strong.

Buying Property to Build a Home On

With the home prices so low across most places in the US at present, there are many buyers looking to snag themselves the prefect piece of real estate. Sometimes that perfect piece of real estate has one major drawback; it already has a house on it.

How to Value a Property According to a RICS Expert

A free flow of information in the market is essential in the decision making process behind those transactions. The internet has revolutionised the availability of information on property prices and has made it accessible to everyone; whereas before only people in the industry had such information. This has enabled many more people to join the property owning community.

What’s So Great About a Home in the Mountains?

Ah, the North Carolina High Country! Stunning mountain vistas above the still, clear waters of the ancient New River offer a peace and serenity unlike any other. Though an obvious choice for a weekend retreat, why make Ashe County a more permanent playground? Simply put, unspoiled country.

Government Land Auctions 101

Given the different government agencies that keep a tab on us you can expect to find many different things that come into their possession. We all know that vehicles are one thing that they often reposes. Another thing that you will find commonly seized by the government is pieces of land and other such properties.

Selling Land – Avoiding the Pitfalls

Land is one immovable resource that has the power of quality compound interest. All over the world, people buy and sell land for various proposes. Becoming a landlord or land owner is indeed one of the greatest achievements you can ever make in life. It makes you secure your future especially when you retire from active service.

Selling Land – The Tips

In our world today, owning a land is one of the best achievements you can ever make in life. It is one major step that guarantees you a glorious future during your retirement. However, in many countries of the world, people do sell their lands for one reason or the other. While some sell out their lands, others are in the business of purchasing them for keeps.

Coromandel Land Plot – Get Your Own Piece of Paradise

Coromandel is just about the most perfect place in New Zealand, and possibly the world, for Kiwis and foreign tourists to enjoy. As with most of New Zealand, there is a huge variety of activities and it’s all in one fairly compact area. Coromandel real estate is the hot thing right now, and many are looking to enjoy it time and time again with their own piece of this prime vacation area.

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