Job-Free in Less Than a Year – Interview with Caleb VanTimmeren and Kyle Aho

Living Our Dream Of Country Life In Central Texas – “Top of the Hill Country”

Instead of greeting a day filled with the noise of bumper-to-bumper traffic, blaring sirens, honking horns and a myriad of other noises we daily deal with in the city I suddenly realized that I had momentarily taken for granted my good luck to be waking up in just the place I wanted to be – the beautiful central Texas land of Hamilton County…

3 Tips When Buying Your First Piece of Land

Buying your first piece of land brings a new set of challenges. It is a little complicated task especially if you are looking for a land where you will be developing a new home, but no more worries because this article is made to serve as a guide for first land buyers. It explains how to go about purchasing the land in the first place before the development and selling process.

Home and Land Ownership Is Philosophically Arrogant in Many Regards

It is interesting that everyone wishes to grow up and buy a home, and own a piece of property. Indeed, I understand the need to call somewhere home, and I understand why people do this as well. I cannot say I have not been involved in the same pursuits myself, and much like most Americans, I do find that it is important.

Roles of Land Surveyors

Land surveyors have many different roles and they can provide a range of services for us. One of the main uses of land surveyors for example is to both work out and then legally define the bounds of a property – in other words to ascertain what precisely constitutes an area of land.

Buying Land in the State of Iowa

When you are looking for land for sale in America, Iowa is a great place to consider. The state offers a diverse economy, culture and landscape and is listed as being one of the safest states to live in.

Investing In Texas Ranch Land – Why It Is Worthwhile

Investment of money in Texas ranches is worthwhile. Interest rates are low and the prices are bound to increase in the coming years. With the experts expecting boom in ranch land sales in Texas, one can be sure of gaining substantially.

Things to Remember When Buying Rural Real Estate

Purchasing real estate of any kind requires you to weigh up a multitude of factors before deciding to go ahead with it. This decision making process becomes even more complicated when you are looking to buy rural land. Many of the same variables are in play, such as what you want to get out the property and its potential for future growth; but they have to be looked at in a different context. Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind when considering whether to buy real estate in a rural setting.

Assessing Land Value

It’s important that aspiring Real Estate Developers understand how much a particular property or plot of land is worth or how to ‘price’ the land. This technique is not difficult to learn, and can be used to form a mental calculation which can be used in situations like a property auction or negotiation.

How To Find Cheap Land

And as any landlord can attest, owning rental property comes with a myriad of headaches, from clogged toilets to evicting deadbeat tenants. Raw land has the advantage of being maintenance free while increasing in value over time. And if you can find cheap land, then there is almost no reason to not get involved with vacant land.

Revenue Generating Recreational Hunting Property

Why lease hunting land that you have limited or no control over and that may be here today and gone tomorrow? Why not buy your own hunting property that you have full control over, can manage the way you want, and that you can build financial equity in? Owning your very own hunting property is a more realistic dream than most people think. By focusing on a property that produces income as well as recreation, you can make property ownership work for you.

When Can You Claim Free Land?

Free land is something that exists everywhere. We just need to look around and find it. This article talks about the various aspects of claiming free land.

5 Questions Every Prospective Buyer of Recreational Hunting Property Should Ask

So you are finally ready to pursue your life-long dream of owning your own hunting property. You now are faced with the daunting task of finding that perfect property you’ve daydreamed about for so long. How do you find it and how will you know when you do?

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