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Real Estate – Luxury Real Estates in The USA

Many people are possessed with a desire to own luxurious real estate. Real estate business is ever flourishing business in the world, since the population is increasing with every single second; same do the prices of properties. It is quite hard to establish the standard to lifestyle because of inflation. People truly believe that there will come a time very soon when people will not be able to own one bed-room apartment.

Unregistered Land – The Facts

How do you find the owner of unregistered land in the UK? You have contacted HM Land Registry and have tried to find the owner of a piece of land or building. Unfortunately, they hold no record of the land or building and tell you that it is unregistered. So what can you do now?

Right of Way Law in the UK

Right of Way law is complicated, maybe you typed in Land Right of Way Law to get to this site but what exactly is a Right of Way and how are land laws effected by it? A right of way is a privilege of someone to pass over land belonging to someone else, that’s it in layman’s terms. If you are looking to see if a piece of land has a right of way on it the simplest way is to look at the title register for the land. A right-of-way is a strip of land that is granted, through an easement or other mechanism, for transportation purposes, such as for a rail line or highway.

What Is a Land Surveyor and What Will They They Do for Me?

A land surveyor is a professional person with the academic qualifications and technical expertise to measure and plot the lengths and directions of boundary lines and the dimensions of any portion of the earth’s surface (including natural and other structures.) That definition is quite a mouthful, but in actuality the field of surveying (geomatics) includes many other facets. For the home-owner the surveyor is the person who locates the boundary of your property and the location of your home within that boundary to determine if there are any encroachments by your neighbors onto you or vice versa. Common encroachments are fences, driveways, etc.

Are You At Risk of Flooding From Excess Rainfall?

Recently many areas of our state (and others as well) began the process of updating the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). These maps show the areas of potential flooding based on the 1-percent chance storm event. This has been known in the past as the 100 year flood and is also known as the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Buy Lots

Land is a safe investment or so we thought until a few years ago. The Georgia Real Estate market has always been bulletproof when compared to others states but the recent recession has hit us just as hard as everyone else. However, if you have the money to invest or are able to qualify for a loan then now might be the best time to buy a land lot in Georgia.

Do I Need a Land Surveyor?

Land Surveying is the measurement of horizontal distances, elevations, directions, and angles on the earth’s surface for use in locating property boundaries and mapmaking. Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) are the people who practice Land Surveying. There are many times you may need the services of a land surveyor. Let’s answer the question – why get a survey?

Miami And The Florida Keys – Reflections

In the beginning Dade County was a huge track of land that extended from the southern tip of Lake Okeechobee (Fort Worth Florida) south to Key West Florida. Indian Key was the seat of Dade County until sometime between the years 1860 and 1870.

The Benefits of Buying Yucatan Land

Within the Mexico land market, Yucatan land is certainly an options which should not be overlooked. The following are some of the benefits to buying land in Yucatan.

Buying Cancun Land – Is It Still Worth While?

Cancun land is a special case, since there’s very little of it available in the areas most expats consider, and sometimes the prices are fairly high. Under certain circumstances, buying land in Cancun can be a viable choice.

My Land Is No Different Than Yours

A land is just mere land neither yours nor mine. Throughout centuries warriors and intellectuals have fought out for land. This is my land and that is your land. There has been fight for inch of land in the history of our times.

Why Go for a DC Ranch?

Famous for its private golfing and residential society, DC Ranch, which is found in Scottsdale, comes in the form of architecture to rival any other. The expertise that was employed at the place was done in such a way that anyone living in the area can enjoy not only the land, but also the desert and the McDowell Mountains, which come with a breathtaking view of Phoenix and Scottsdale. The beauty of the DC Ranch is that the place is surrounded by four villages, which are unique, in that they are strategically to be found near parks of the…

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