Land for Sale in Forbes Park Colorado with 3.56 acres of property with affordable owner financing

Quit Your 9 to 5 and Be Your Own Boss

One person can start his own business right away but finding the right business that suits you can be very hard. If you are currently working a 9 to 5 job, don’t think of quitting right away, instead lay out your plans first and start zeroing in on what kind of business you would like to invest in.

Real Estate – Lot is Where Your Money is and Not the Home

In a real estate, the lot a house sits on is more valuable than the house and often comes at a premium price. The reason for this is because land is a finite resource.

Buying Land For Development “The Right Way the First Time”

If I had a prayer said for me every time I got an email about problems of buying land first, I would have a guaranteed place in heaven. Please don’t do that anytime, but particularly if you are new to development. You will hurt yourself financially and it is a deep hold to get out of, OK? Let me give you some land buying advice now and if I happen to repeat myself in some of my commentary, just use it as a reinforcing tool. Land is only worth what you can do with it. Now I am not discounting it beauty or its views in making my comment, but remember we are in the development business and buying land is a fundamental cost factor … we just can’t afford to get it wrong. If when buying land and anticipated subdividing it into ‘X’ lots or building ‘X’ number of units on it, only to find out later that you were not allowed to do that, I don’t think the beauty or views would offer you much solace or gain you much sympathy from the lender.

Kenya Real Estate – Top 6 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Piece of Land

Kenya real estate investment offers you numerous options. Buying land is one of the, Here are some factors that you need to look into before you buy Land in Kenya.

How to Buy Arizona Land For Sale Safely

Seek out sales professionals interested in earning your trust and recommendation, who believe that purchasing land can be the most exciting time of your life, but also know how overwhelming it can be. They should be happy to answer any and all of your questions about the properties we list, and we encourage you to research the properties to be certain that they are right for you.

Rural is Green

Cities always have its charming opportunities but rural land has its own subdued riches. Buy property in the countryside and earn more greens.

Open For Business 24 Hours a Day – 365 Days a Year

With the advent of globalization, businesses need to cope with trading internationally. Since time difference is always a problem the aspiration of setting-up a 24/7 office is one’s businessman’s dream. For a Tax Delinquent Investor this is almost a necessity. There is not one time where opportunities are latent. But there is GOOD NEWS!

Avoid the RAT RACE to Get the BIGGER Cheese

As one might say if there is one constant thing in this world it’s got to be tax. So whichever state or country you are in, it is certain that landowners have real property tax obligations.

Automatic Process For Automatic Profits

In today’s electronic age, data and information travels from one point to another point in just a split of a second. If we need certain data we can access it from anywhere through the internet. It could be information from the library or even directly from a certain individual.

Sorting a Tax List While Assessing Value of Property

In Tax Delinquent Investment, it is important that you have a Tax Roll List at hand. This is usually encoded in Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet program. When you have this list, the next thing that you need to do is to sort it down.

It’s About Investment – Top 5 Reasons Why Land May Be the Best Investment For Your Money

In today’s unpredictable economy, people are less and less willing to invest in avenues that are not a sure thing. What used to be lucrative avenues for money-making are now a risk that many people aren’t as willing to take. Even in the shade of a rapidly receding economy, land is still the sensible investment, but some people still need a little bit of convincing.

Polk County, Texas Land Investment

Texas is a state that definitely has a lot going for it in terms of real estate and land values. With a wealth of natural resources, proximity to an ocean that is filled with even more resources and a booming economy that is now fully diversified, it is of no surprise whatsoever that land values within Texas are some of the most promising within the whole country. However, if you really want to strike it big in Texas in terms of land values, the key is really finding a particular county with land values that are priced lower than the…

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