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Top 7 Uses of Land and How to Best Profit From These Uses

Investing in land is a great alternative to many other types of investments. Land is a finite commodity, meaning there is a set amount of it in the world. Here are the top 7 uses of land and how to profit from these sales!

Land Investments in the UK: the Next Big Thing

Are the Land Investments in UK, really the next big thing in the decade?

Surrey Demand for Land!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the papers read “Surrey Booming!” or “Vancouver Market BOOM!” or maybe “Fraser Valley Market Is Red Hot”.

Rise in Rural Land for Sale Prices in UK – An Analysis of Forces Driving it

Prices in UK land for sale are showing an upward trend for past few years. This rise is particularly sharp in city suburbs, towns and farmlands.

Will SIPP have any Impact on UK Land for Sale Prices?

UK Land for sale prices have increased exponentially in past few years and it is increasingly being seen as a good investment option by enterprising investors.

Own Land In Alabama Dirt Cheap

Interested in owning land in the state of Alabama? Well here is the opportunity that you and your friends have been waiting for – or maybe not. Either way it is a lot of fun. American Acres, Inc. is a New York City based company that is growing “inch by inch” in the truest sense of the words.

Holland; Europe’s Hong-Kong

A unique investment in Europe’s most densly populated country.

Real Estate Investment: A Way To Secure Your Future

Investment in real estate is one of the safest of all bets. A number of real estate firms help you locate the best available real estate property at below market prices. So go ahead and make the deal that’s sure to secure your future!

UK Land Investment – Can You Make Huge Gains In This Market?

UK land investment has become very popular in recent years but can you really make big gains? The answer is yes you can make big gains in UK land investment, but for many investors the investment ends with heavy losses. So, what are the pitfalls to avoid when investing in UK land? Let’s take a look:

Land Investment – Why Investing In Costa Rica Could Make You Rich

Costa Rica land investment has been making savvy investors triple digit profits with low downside risk for years. Will this growth continue and how do you get involved in land investment in Costa Rica? Let’s find out.

Raw Land and Real Estate Markets

Despite the collapse in the real estate market for new housing starts and the bursted bubble in so many of America’s largest real estate market not all real estate has slowed to bargain basement prices. In fact in many now built up suburban neighborhoods, raw land for commercial development is still at a premium.

UK Land for Sale Investment – Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Opportunity?

Land investments in UK have emerged as an attractive alternative investment vehicle. Many UK land agents are now offering the opportunity for smaller investors to buy a parcel of land for sale in UK at very reasonable prices. This land may be targeted for development at a later stage and is usually in a key location, where its value is forecast to increase.

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