NO TRESPASSING: When, Why and Where to Post Signs (or Purple Paint) On Your Property

Acreages for Sale in Georgetown Texas

More and more people are choosing to build and develop their house themselves. In order to do this you will need to buy an acreage that offers you…

Land is a Great Investment

If you have even a passing interest in real estate, you’ve undoubtedly heard one or more of the so-called “experts” advising against buying undeveloped land. Why? “Because it generates no income” right? Wrong, the fact is that they’re not telling you the whole story about raw land. There happens to be another school of thought entirely.

Taking the Anxiety Out of Buying Land, A Methodical Approach

Buying land for the purpose of building a home you will occupy can be intimidating. Carefully analyze your needs along with that of each family member before making a final decision on purchasing land for home construction. Not all types of land are suitable for home construction consult with a professional before making any purchases of land. Speak with a mortgage professional or a loan officer at your bank about the amount of financing you qualify for. Construction loans and closing procedures should be investigated and understood thoroughly before any contacts are signed and before land is purchased.

Ocala, Florida – At The Center of It All

Ocala lies in the heart of Marion County with a population of roughly 50,000 people. It’s a city rich with history. It was established in 1846 near Fort King, which was extremely important during the Seminole Wars and was also a stopping point for Hernando de Soto during his expedition through the southeastern United States.

Finding the Land

So you’ve decided that you want to buy some real estate and you’re convinced that raw land could be a good investment. That’s a solid choice. It’s no secret that a wisely chosen, well-placed parcel of undeveloped land can return its investment price many, many times over. And, believe it or not, there’s millions and millions of available acreage still available in this country to purchase for pennies on the dollar. But where is this land, and how do you find it?

Why is it Better to Focus on Land Rather Then Houses When it Comes to Real Estate Investing?

If you follow the investing techniques that I use daily, you will make money, lots of money! There is little to no competition in land investing, especially rural land. I have found a way to track down owners who are not paying their taxes and that are most likely to sell the land for cheap, and I use mass marketing techniques to contact them with letters websites, posters, and postcards to contact people before a property even is scheduled for a count tax lien or tax deed auction. If the owners are interested in selling they contact me back and we go from there.

The Future of the Emerging Market

The future of the emerging market (1) has been called into question recently. On one hand bloggers and commentators on real estate forums are throwing theories about that the current press attention being given to banking problems in the U.K. and economic problems in the U.S. will see investment in emerging markets slow, and any money being spent being put into established markets.

Why Would I Use A Land Trust To Buy Property?

In recent years, many companies have developed methods that allow for Land Trusts to be used to acquire properties in foreclosure. This allows homeowners to save their homes and making it possible for investors to reap huge returns. Some investors are under the impression that using a Land Trust will not cause Due-on-Sale clauses to force the refinancing of the subject property.

What You Should Know About Waterfront Property by Lake Sinclair

Lake Sinclair is located in central Georgia and is fed by the clean, pristine waters the Oconee River. Its a man made lake that was created in 1953 and has 417 miles of scenic shoreline, sprinkled with quaint winding coves and inlets. It has a total surface area of 15,330 acres which equates to 62 square kilometers which also means that it has great boating, fishing and skiing opportunities.

Why Land, Why Now?

Our stagnant market has duly impacted the building industry. This week KB Home, a leading home builder that investors have viewed as well-positioned to ride out the downturn, posted a net loss of $772.7 million for the quarter ended Nov. 30.

Real Estate – Land Development in Mexico

Purchasing real estate in Mexico doesn’t have to be an adventure into the unknown. Real Estate in Mexico is one of the hottest investment opportunities in the world. With Oceanfront land as low as one dollar a square meter, developers and investors from all parts of the globe are buying land up and down the coasts of Mexico.

The Basics About Land Contracts

Land contracts are sometimes used by buyers who do not qualify for conventional mortgage loans offered by traditional lending institutional, for reasons of poor credit or an insufficient down payment. The legal status of land contracts varies from region to region. Typical land contracts are easy to understand and usually only make up 3-5 pages. Land contracts are common throughout the United States.

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