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Land in South Carolina

Land is available in South Carolina for sale. The area is full of attraction and you will get all facilities here. You need not to go here and there, you can easily get the land of your choice. The real estate agents are there for helping you out.

Types of Deeds Used in Land Purchase

There are many different types of Deeds which can be used to convey real estate. Many of our buyers, especially buyers who have previously owned real estate, want to know what type of deed we use to grant ownership of property to you, the buyer. I’ll explain this in detail, but I’d also like to discuss several other types of Deeds, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Land Trusts

This is not to be considered legal advice. Legal advice can only be given by licensed attorneys from your state and we recommend that you hire an attorney. A trust is nothing more than a piece of paper.

The Latest Info on Waterfront Property In Georgia

With exploding property values in so many real estate market areas leveling off, more and more smart homeowners are choosing to sell off, take their profit and move to greener pastures. What people have found is that along with the value of their home and property increasing, so has the number of neighbors increased in the once wide open area that they live.

All About Lake Sinclair Waterfront Property

Located in the central part of the state, Lake Sinclair is now being recognized as the best kept secret in Georgia. It is fed by the clean cool waters of the Oconee River that runs full the whole year round. Lake Sinclair was created when the Sinclair dam was built in 1953 and it has a total of 417 miles of scenic shoreline. Its surface area covers a total of 15,330 acres or 62 square kilometers of fantastic fishing , boating and water skiing opportunities.

The Rising Cost of Real Estate

The fact that the price of real estate is constantly on the rise is not really a surprise to anyone, is it? After all, everyone knows that they stopped making land a long time ago.

Leasing Land – Understanding The Process

Are you being contacted to lease your land for oil and gas drilling? If so, you need to be prepared and understand exactly what you are being offered to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Also, there are numerous scams going around and falling prey to one of these could cost you thousands.

Real Estate in Your IRA – Can You Afford to Retire Without It?

Learn the secret to retiring wealthy without the hassle or risk associated with stocks, bonds, mutual funds. Use the secrets real estate guru’s wont reveal. Even the richest and wealthiest people from all over the world use this one simple technique. No stress, no trades just long term appreciation and huge profit.

Understanding Surveys

Surveying is essentially the art and science of measuring and mapping land and is most often needed to establish its legal boundaries. In residential uses, the survey discloses the actual lot size, the position and dimensions of structures on the property, and the presence, boundaries and positions of legal aspects such as easements and building setback lines. All 50 states have laws that regulate the competence, integrity and practice of the surveying profession.

Subdividing Land – How To Unlock The Profit In A Large Block

Subdiving land can be a profitable investment strategy. Unlike buying run down homes that need a lot of manual labor, subdividing a block is a lot quicker and simpler providing you do your due diligence before you buy. In fact the profits are made when you buy, not when you sell.

Tips for Buying Land for a Custom or Modern Prefab Home

There are few things more exciting than building your own home, whether it be a custom design created expressly for you or a modern prefab house built with cutting edge technology. It isn’t a complicated process, but it does require due diligence and a little legwork. Helpful advice for finding and purchasing land or lots for a custom house or modern prefab home.

Work With It – Not Against It – The Key Switch For Land Stewardship

Creating a relationship with and being a steward of the land is more important then ever with the global warming issues facing us. Energy Stewarding the land is a powerful method to getting the greatest outcomes – for living in a house or having a business there and for buying and selling property.

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