Prime Colorado Land for sale! 5.16 acres

Selling Mineral Rights: A History

Considering the state of the mineral rights market right now there has never been a better time to sell mineral rights. The systems that have been established over the years have made the whole process one that is easier to complete. Geology companies are booming and the search for new resources is expanding daily.

Lot Consolidation Plats

Lot consolidation plats are basically when a land owner buys several parcels of land that are adjacent to each other and then consolidates them into one parcel of land. This is a fairly simple process, but the land owner typically needs to survey the parcels first to determine the exact dimensions of the land in question. Once the survey is completed by a professional surveyor, the owner can submit the request to the governing body that is responsible for approving the consolidation.

Rural Property Advantages

Rural property is becoming slowly but surely one of the best options the real estate markets have today. About 50 years ago, there was a huge trend which involved people moving from the country side to the city, in order to live the busy life. In such manner, the rural property for sale numbers where off the charts, and you could purchase a home in nature at very affordable prices.

Foundation Location Surveys

Foundation location surveys are designed to locate improvements on a property that have been made horizontally or vertically, with respect to the property boundary in mind. This survey is not typically combined with a recorded boundary survey because that information is typically already known. Basically, it collects information about the position of the foundation that was poured and that has been cured.

How To Profit From Vacant Land Without Selling It

O.K. so now you purchased that ideal piece of land that you always dreamed about. Perhaps you’re planning to build your retirement home there or maybe to take the family camping.

Property Investments – Seal A Quick Deal!

When you are looking for a lucrative avenue to park your savings, property investments should rank high on your list of good investments. Land is a precious asset because it does not even factor in depreciation as an expense over time like other assets do.

3 Ways You Can Make Raw Land Your Most Stable Investment Holding

If you are an urban developer, buying undeveloped land in obscure parts of whatever nation you’re main holdings are in may not seem logical. After all if you live in New Jersey (for instance) and your current market returns for condominiums are good, you may not want feel the need to diversify your portfolio to raw land like in New Mexico. But here is where the rubber meets the road; we often don’t know what direction the urban markets will go because they are inherently linked to many micro economic factors in their surroundings

Should You Buy Little Pieces of Vacant Land?

As a collector or many items, I never thought I would attempt to collect little pieces of land. I loved doing it but this hobby was not without its problems. Hopefully my experiences will keep someone from making the same mistakes.

The 7 Main UK House Price Surveys Explained

Unless you’re immersed in the world of property sales, you may become more than a little confused when bombarded with the various home price surveys released throughout the United Kingdom. In total, there are 7 main surveys which paint a picture of the marketplace. Understanding where they’re from and how they work is not hard at all.

Buy Land At Missouri Where Nature, Wildlife And Adventure Awaits You

Purchasing an underdeveloped piece of land at a beautiful location like Missouri can be a great decision. Not only does it provide one with a vacation like lifestyle but also purchasing land is also possible at affordable rates. Enjoy the beauty, wildlife and the endless recreational opportunities that the different locations at Missouri provide. Read on to know more.

Freeway Adjacent Raw Land Deals – Take Advantage of the Economic Recession

It looks like the real estate values have not rebounded, and they may not rebound for quite a while. Also it looks like the foreclosures are going to continue, and the commercial real estate sector will be down for at least most of 2011, with very slow growth if at all any. Now then, whenever there is a great crisis there is always opportunity to be found, and this might be a great opportunity to buy some raw land.

Now is the Time to Buy Raw Land at Bargain Prices – But Where is the Best ROI to Be Had?

After the global economic crisis and meltdown slammed the real estate prices back into the last decade it became a crisis of epic proportions. Many folks who were commercial builders, residential builders, or owned lots of real estate lost their shirts, along with the banks that financed them. Still, right now might be the best time to buy raw land, because everything is still at bargain prices.

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