PropTech Companies Need To Get Better at Pitching in 2023

Soon we’ll be clinking our glasses to welcome the dawn of 2023. With a new year comes new goalposts, and that’s true for people and companies. For PropTech companies, new targets are being set in a drastically different landscape than the industry has experienced within the last few years. Rising interest rates and other economic jitters have changed the game for an industry that, up until this year, had experienced exponential growth and investment. However, that doesn’t mean that the upcoming year won’t be absolutely pivotal for PropTech startups.

In fact, one PropTech CEO may have framed 2023’s market arena perfectly. Marcus Moufarrige, CEO of Ility, a no-code SaaS platform for commercial property owners, pointed out that PropTech is still a young industry. “With a lot of overlap and gimmickry across the board, which presents a challenge for 2023,” he said. “Those wanting to stand out will need to rethink their product, value proposition, and market fit. To be unique is to have a competitive advantage, but to be usefully unique is even greater.”

Usefully unique is the key phrase there. 2023 is going to be a year with tighter economic constraints, which means that both investors and the prospective customers are going to be more cautious with their money, so if PropTech companies want to get ahead in this climate, they’re going to really need to perfect their pitch with their useful uniqueness in mind. 

Unfortunately, tech companies are notoriously bad at pitching their products to customers, and that’s especially true for

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