Real Estate Brokers Are Ditching the Office Too

Deep in Central Florida’s white-hot real estate market, Shawn Pupello, known as “The Tenacious Mrs. P,” is starting a new brokerage. Pupello, along with her husband Anthony, ventured into the world of real estate in 2016. The couple quickly found that they had a knack for matching people with properties, with Mrs. Pupello going so far as to earn her local association’s “Rookie of the Year” award in 2017. But as time and deals marched on, the husband-and-wife team decided to make the leap into a new brokerage, and, as of this week, have officially snipped the ribbon on their new firm Pupello Realty Company, LLC. 

Rather than renting an office space, the Pupellos decided to create a digital brokerage, one that operates primarily online. With a click of a button, buyers and sellers can access property listings, view photos and videos, and even take virtual tours. This accessibility means that buyers and sellers can get a better idea of the property before making an offer, which reduces the likelihood of wasted time and resources. But there’s a trade-off: digital brokerages often rely on virtual rather than in-person communication, which can be a detriment when it comes to dealmaking. But in a post-COVID world that’s had to rapidly adopt hybrid work trends, not having as much face time with clients is worth the benefits. Plus, Pupello Realty Company is a proud tenant at a co-working location. “We currently have a flex space on hand with a conference room,” Pupello explained, “We

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