Real Estate Dealer vs Investor: What’s the Difference?

Three Factors That Boost the Market Value of Idaho Land Properties

Amid a crisis that has also plagued the real estate industry, the market value of Idaho land properties remains relatively stable. This can be attributed to the state’s strong local economy, natural resources and progressive business climate.

This Information Could Change Your Attitude Forever on Vacant Land

Now you can receive information on how to find land before it’s listed by a Realtor and acquire it without having the down payment. And how you can avoid the banks totally and operate with virtually zero financial risk. Plus receive information on how you can increase the value of the land 2-3 times very quickly and produce fast profits. Very unique information!

Why Restrictive Covenants?

The first question that you should always ask when purchasing real estate is, “Are there restrictive covenants that run with the property?” Restrictive covenants, commonly referred to as restrictions or covenants, should be discovered in a title search.

An Introduction to Easements

The right to use the land, when conferred by an easement rather than outright ownership, is limited to a particular purpose or type of use. It is considered an interest in the land, but it does not allow the owner of the easement to do anything they like with the property.

Flood Certification Land Surveying

Before you have flood certification land surveys done on your land, consult the known information on flood plains in your area. This may be listed in your property profile, and if so, it can be obtained through the real estate agent. There are also FEMA flood maps which can be found on their website.

Life Trust Used in Real Estate

A life estate is true to its name. It is an estate in land that endures for the life of its owner. A life estate is defined by California Civil Code Section 766 as an estate during the life of a third person. Parents may deed property to their children, subject to the parents exclusive right to use and enjoy the property during their lifetimes. A life estate is a contract right that is exclusive to the person who holds it — it has no market value, since it can’t be sold or transferred to anyone else. Once your mother is no longer able to live at home, the life estate “asset” — the right to live in the house — will have no value.

Use of Land Trusts in Real Estate

Land trusts are an excellent tool in the investors arsenal, but the investor must be savvy enough to fully utilize the trusts benefits. Not only will the trust provide the investor the desired level of anonymity, but if used in conjunction with an LLC, it will afford the investor excellent asset protection. Land trusts are not-for-profit corporations designed to protect land from development, using conservation easements, gifts or purchases of land, limited development, conservation buyers, or promotion of existing local, state, or Federal easement programs.

Prescott, Arizona Land – Enjoy the Southwest’s Great Outdoors

Buying land in Prescott, Arizona isn’t just buying a piece of property on which to build a home; it’s buying a piece of the breathtaking natural scenery that surrounds and intertwines itself through all of Arizona. From spectacular mountain views and winding scenic trails to spacious well-maintained parks and sparkling lakes, Prescott homeowners have much to feast their eyes on!

Arizona Land For Sale – Amazing Views in Prescott

These days, many homebuyers insist on stunning natural scenery – why purchase a home or land if you aren’t going to fall in love with views everyday? Fortunately, buying Arizona land for sale usually means getting these amazing views, and much of the land for sale in Prescott, Arizona offers prospective homebuyers an assortment of spectacular mountain panoramas, well-maintained parks and lakes, and plenty of trails.

Arizona Land For Sale – Create Your Own Retirement Home in Prescott

If you’re considering retiring in Arizona, land for sale in Prescott provides you with an excellent opportunity to customize your dream home close to many of the city’s convenient amenities and amazing entertainment and recreation attractions. Land for sale in Prescott, Arizona lends itself to building the perfect custom home with amazing views.

Discover the Beauty of Prescott, Arizona Land

The ideal city for every kind of homebuyer, Prescott, Arizona combines ample education and employment opportunities, exciting recreation and entertainment attractions, and a comfortable climate and gorgeous scenery with some of the most desirable real estate properties around to offer all the tools you need to create an amazing lifestyle. From convenient condominiums to spacious estates, Prescott, Arizona offers a wide variety of real estate types for sale – you’re sure to find the perfect home for you and your family!

Prescott, AZ Land – Discover Prescott’s Exciting Entertainment Attractions

When you purchase Prescott, AZ land, you’re not only purchasing a property for your family’s dream home; you’re also purchasing a piece of land close to all the exciting entertainment attractions throughout Prescott. Land in this city situates owners close to cultural and live entertainment, an amazing selection of outdoor recreation opportunities, and friendly community events!

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