Suburbanization Explained in 5 Minutes

Eleven Development Laws to Consider Prior to Purchasing Your Development Property

Before venturing out to look for a ‘development site’ it is important to do some homework. As we have seen you first need to decide which real property development market you’d like to try your hand at. This is to ensure you start looking for the right type of sites.

‘Your First Time’ Why Most Developers Avoid the Planning Stage

Most property developers simply do not understand the first stage of developing; the stage of sourcing the appropriate land, and planning and design. We have all heard the stories of disappointments, setbacks, long delays, and Planning Application refusals from Council. ” I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages” ~Robert Bosch

Raw Land Income Ideas

There are so many different ways to make money if you own land. Even if you own a small piece of land, you might be surprised just how creative you can get if your goal is to create income using an existing asset.

Eliminating the 11 Big Risks of Property Development

Let’s take a look at some of the risks of property development. Undertaking your first property development project is more demanding and involves more risk than buying your first investment property.

Grounds for a Quiet Title Case

A quiet title is a judgment that is usually issued to land deeds which may have some issues with the previous owners. The process is there to make sure that no one else can lay claim to the property in question after the judgment.

How To Buy Land For Farming

Owning a ranch or farmland can be a truly rewarding experience. Imagine rural living, the peace and tranquility, the cleaner air and environment, living closely with your animals. Would you like to own farmland? Below is a list of things you should know before you begin your search for that perfect piece of property…

Attitude Adjustments

I have never heard so many comical sounds as those made by our young rooster as he discovered his voice. He sounded like he was being strangled in mid-crow, and it took a little time to get it right. In the meantime, he provided hours of comic relief for us.

And The Oscar Goes To – Ms Killdeer

We knew nothing about this comical little bird, and were taken in by her “injured-wing” act. As I approached her nest to sneak a peek she darted off screeching “Kill-dee, Kill-dee, dee-dee-dee”, and her left wing hung loosely as if it was injured…

Land Surveys Are An Important Part of Land Purchases

When you are looking into purchasing a plot of vacant land or a piece of property this event is something that should not be taken without considerable consideration. Buying land is a process that is exceptionally pricey that represents a significant outlay of an individual’s time and finances. There are a few questions to have clear answers to before a purchase is considered let alone made.

How to Tell If Your Property Is in a Flood Zone

Living in a flood zone ups a person’s odds of acquiring damage due to rising waters. For instance, most people residing in these areas will be effected by losses at some point, and those losses might be moved to the rest of society through systems for example publicly financed disaster relief. I know people who have been residing in a flood zone for 61 years and have not had flood damage.

Japanese Knotweed Removal: Chemical Control V Excavation Why?

The cost of excavation and removal off site far exceeds that of chemical control the normal alternative way to remove Japanese knotweed. Here we assess the issues between Japanese knotweed removal and Japanese knotweed control using chemicals such as herbicides?

How to Get Financing for Land and Lots

Residential neighborhoods throughout the country are only continuing to grow and what this means for those looking to build their own homes is the opportunity to purchase the lot of their dreams. Since this is something the average person only does once in a lifetime you may not be sure as to how to start and where to begin when it comes to financing for land or home lots for building. When it comes to finding financing for residential land it is quite different in comparison to simply applying for a mortgage on an already built home.

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