Tech Helps Pinpoint the Right Retail Combo at Mixed-use Properties

Maybe a coffee shop, perhaps a Chinese takeout, or even a dry cleaner. In places like Manhattan, it has long been the case that, invariably, there’s at least one street-level retail offering at an apartment building. Among residents and investors, multifamily buildings with that something extra in the form of onsite retail are highly coveted. For those calling these properties home, convenience and community are part of the allure. Who doesn’t want to be able to grab a couple of necessities from the market downstairs and chat up a neighbor in the process? 

But now mixed-use properties, larger in size and more diverse in amenities than those seen at the address of, say, a walk-up in SoHo, are popping up across the country. The live-work-play concept’s rising popularity, particularly in urban areas, stems from the growing desire among workers and multifamily residents alike for premier accommodations in the middle of it all. Developers behind these new or refashioned destinations have to create a “play” segment that appeals not only to office dwellers and residential tenants but to the surrounding community. In essence, retail is the bait for achieving those occupancy levels that translate into a property’s success. You really do have to please everybody, and determining the most effective retail offerings for a mixed-use office and residential property has become a science that centers on technology. 

Mixed-use building owners and managers have to discern the day-to-day wants and needs of the potential office and residential occupants if they want to use the

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