The Overlooked Opportunity in Mobile Home Investing w/ John Fedro (Full Interview)

Environmental Processing For Land Development

Environmental processing for land development in California is not an easy process. California is home to some of the most endangered and threatened animal and plant resources in the world.

What to Look For in Equestrian Real Estate

In looking for a equestrian real property, it is very dependent on what type of rider you are. An equestrian, who does riding as a professional, may have certain qualities and facilities that need to be present in their property, as opposed to those who just ride for fun. In this article, you will find the things that you should be looking into when looking for equestrian real properties.

Monumental Land Surveys

In many cases, a monumental land survey may be undertaken when there is a dispute over the exact land boundaries. For example, if a fence has been built or is about to be built on the land, a monumental land survey can mark the exact corners and the boundary between the two properties so that the fence’s position with regards to the legal property boundary can be evaluated.

Can Foreigners Own Land in Thailand?

This is one of first questions when a foreigner is thinking about retiring in Thailand and building a house. Unfortunately the straight answer is no. There are land deals to be made but for Thais only!

Raw Land Investments – How to Write Articles on Land Investing

Prior to the real estate crash there were lots of articles on real estate investment and on raw land investing. These days you don’t see many articles like that, however you probably should. Why you ask?

Landowners, Here’s What to Expect at a Listing Appointment

Now that you’ve decided to sell your land and to use a land agent to help you market your property, you will usually need to meet with them at your tract. Here are a few things you can expect and plan for to make your meeting more beneficial.

Make Finding Your New Home Package Or Home Site Easier

Choosing the block of land on which to build your new home is a time-consuming and often stressful exercise. You have decided against buying an existing home because it is beyond your borrowing capacity or the proportion of your income you are prepared to commit to housing.

When Buying Land, What Can You Learn From Experience?

When buying land it is terribly important to learn from others who have “been there.” It’s interesting that when I was learning my way that I tried to find information that would give me practical techniques for buying land for sale and vacant land, but none existed. Quite a bit of the things that caused me problems were as a result of my inexperience and getting involved in things that I knew nothing about.

Buying Land – The American Dream

Did you know? This is one of the main reasons the American colonists left Europe and settled in New America. Most people could not own the land they lived on, worked or farmed on. Aside from the “Gold Rush,” it is also the main reason the West Coast of America was settled.

Choosing a Partner to Finance Your Land Acquisitions and Home Constructions

Traditional lending institutions can provide you with most of the financial requirements you may have when purchasing land or having a home custom-built for you, but they are often not equipped to provide advice and guidance in regards to the actual building process. But private mortgage firms can offer you both the specialized financing you require to take on your projects, as well as the expert advice and assistance you need to ensure your home or development venture goes according to plan.

Estate Planning When Mineral Rights Are Involved

Many Royalty companies buys mineral interests, however, not the land itself. The process includes the simplification of all the paperwork for your life estate so that you can enjoy the benefits as soon as possible and reduce the taxes as much as possible. Subsequently, a royalty company converts royalty interest to cash quickly and efficiently, allowing you time to mourn your dearly departed uncle without worrying as much about Uncle Sam.

Facts About Buying Land – Basic Information Interested Buyers Must Know

Buying a land is quite a valuable, costly yet sound investment when looking at all the trend in the real estate sector. Urbanization is indeed a great option and opportunity especially for those who have budding careers in the city. However, if you are into something long-term and more profitable, then you ought to consider land purchase especially in the country.

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