What’s the Hardest Part About the Land Investing Business?

Why Vacant Land?

The demand for land will continue to be strong in the next few years especially compared to other forms of real estate. In fact, the major media is reporting a strong, positive message in recent articles about land: Polling data collected by one of the the premier land websites recently conducted a poll asking “When are you likely to purchase land?” 73% responded said they plan to purchase land in the next 12 months!

How to Buy Land – It’s Not Always As Straightforward As You Think

If you are the adventurous type who wants to buy a piece of wilderness or maybe even looking to speculate with some property development in an urban area you should know the basics of how to buy land, for it’s a whole different set of rules from buying a house. There are many things that you need to take into consideration, for example rights of access, availability of utilities such as water and power, easements and land use restrictions.

Key Principles of a Good Letter

What are the qualities of a good letter? What makes it unique and useful? These are just some of the questions you try to ask in your letter to a tax delinquent property owner.

Hunting Land For Sale – How to Find the Best Hunting Land on the Market

Hunting land for sale is very expensive nowadays, as many people were looking for their own plots to hunt on and not have to worry about competition from other hunters. You can expect to pay quite a bit for this luxury. Therefore, making sure you find quality land is important before you shell out any money.

Land Investments – Making a Fortune From Paper Rehab’s

Land investments are often overlooked by most investors and one of the quickest ways to make good money from land investment is the paper rehab. The biggest advantage to land investment is that there is no home on the land which means land investing is perfect for the new investor with low seed capital. Land is very cheap compared to house and land so often even finance is not required for some people who can purchase a desire-able block out right.

Land Profit Secrets to Buy Cheap Properties

There are many ways to find properties that suit your needs, such as online and the multiple listing service. However, there is a little more involved in finding cheap properties for you to profit from. Here listed are a couple of those ways.

Time is of an Essence

In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, it would be best if there were a time frame to finalize a contract. If you made an offer today you should let the offer expire ten days from that date. You need to calculate days from the time you send it out in the mail, it takes somewhere between one and four days to get to the recipient, to the seller.

Bare Land For a Bear Market

The current market meltdown has given me pause to think why did I not put more in land an less in the stock market. The market can and does gives good returns for the long term investor but also can provide unwelcome anxiety and sleepless nights like as of late. Land on the other hand is not going anywhere and if you are careful in where you buy should have a steady appreciation.

Texas Redemption Song

Earn by not buying tax delinquent properties. Earn by paying the interest payments accrued from the redemption deed. This redemption technique is however in only a few states like Texas and Tennessee.

Greener Pastures

Tax delinquent properties are cheap and the rural tax delinquent properties are the cheapest. Counties often auction rural property at the cheapest minimum bid price because of lack of competition-few real estate agents flock to auctions in the countryside because high premium properties are often in metropolitans through traditional real estate investment.

Use Your Instincts

Trusting your instincts is a natural habit in knowing whether you’ve got the capacity to make quick decisions or not. It makes decision making so easy if you trust your own judgement.

Etymology and Demography of Sonoma County, California

Etymology is the study or the science of words, their history, their origins, their sources, the time periods in which they made it into a specific language or a set of languages and under which circumstances as well as the evolvement and transformation of their meanings. Demography, on the other hand, is the study or science of the very important statistical information about communities, populations, societies or nations. Demography is that part of human history which deals most specifically with mathematical accounts of births, adoptions, deaths, diseases, immigration and emigration, marriages, divorces, and so on.

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