Why Land Prices Keep Going Up

Purchase Government Land In The Countryside At Low Prices

If you are an aspiring landowner but don’t have enough economic resources, you should consider the government land for sale for its relatively low prices. The government offers undeveloped land in the countryside that offers plenty of opportunities to explore.

Finding and Living on Mountain Land

A great how-to method for finding your land in the mountains. Whether you want land in the mountains for camping, land ownership, hunting property, agriculture, farm land, or just want to become a hermit, this is a great starting point to read and get there!

Land Development: Weighing Risks and Rewards

Land development is a crucial part of the modern society we live in today. Land development involves the alteration of natural land to create a site that is ready for building. Construction could be for public, private, commercial, residential or even government sectors.

Buying A House With Lots Of Land

Are you in the market for real estate property? Have you thought of the amount of land you will need? Some people who have large families, love to entertain, or who are into gardening should take into consideration additional land when purchasing their home. Well, if you are one of the many for whom added land is a necessity; then when buying that piece of real estate…

Looking For a Lifestyle Block For Sale?

There are many fortunate people in the world whom have their dream occupation. Many strive for it, but for one or another reason, this goal can’t be attained. Settling for second best is the only option for these people.

What To Watch Out For When Selling Your Ranch Through A Real Estate Brokerage

Listing a ranch for sale with a real estate brokerage can be very intimidating when you’re not familiar with how the process works or what tendencies many brokers have to cut corners. Here are the top pitfalls that buyers fall into: DECEPTIVE LISTING AGREEMENTS: The listing agreement is very important to pay attention to because it lays out: how much money you will pay your broker, how much you’re going to sell your property for, how long the agreement will last, rather you can work with other brokers and the protocol for terminating the agreement. Beware of any agreements…

Land for Sale – A Word Of Caution

If you wish to make your dream home, every time you look at a board saying ‘land for sale’, your heart races to pray and in that few minutes time you virtually see your castle building on the same land. There are a great number of lands for sale that looks pretty alluring in terms of space and location.

Subdividing Small Blocks – Still A Good Property Development Investment For Novice Developers

We are often asked this land development question and the answer is usually the same – It can be a great option if you pay attention to the essentials. Some in the property development industry tend to differ, understandably so after the affects of the GFC. The fact however is the Australian economy is recording strong economic growth which invariably leads to a high population growth. Subdividing land is still a very lucrative investment option provided a few property development fundamentals are adhered to.

Island Real Estate – Finding a Great Seaside Block of Land

One of the dreams that people commonly have when imagining anything from raising a family, having the perfect bachelor pad or even retiring is owning a seaside home. All around the world there are blocks of land for sale, whether places on the most remote islands, Australasia or even Santo Vanuatu real estate, there is beachfront property perfect for living or as an investment.

Own A Land Surrounded By Scenic Beauty

Experience the pleasure of residing beside the great charm to the natural beauty incorporating beautiful waterfalls, deep woods, small ponds, various trees and different species of various birds and animals. Purchase a land in the country side and explore a distinctive lifestyle.

Is Woodland Still For Sale?

The government did a political U-turn this week in regards to selling off forestry; they have put a temporary halt on the idea and the environment secretary Caroline Spelman admitted that she was very surprised at the scale of the opposition to the plan. Instead this autumn there will be an independent panel meeting to discuss forestry policy and then report back. However this action does not mean that you cannot buy woodland at the moment and if anything there seems to be more interest at the moment due to it being in the spotlight.

Land Surveyor: 6 Things to Consider in Hiring One

Land surveying demands a lot of work. This is the reason why a good land surveyor must know how to do his job well which is to appropriately measure and outline a property. There are several things you need to think about before hiring a good land surveyor.

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