5 Fastest Ways To Sell Your New Jersey Condo

Want to sell your New Jersey condo, fast? The speed with which you sell property is reliant on many factors, particularly the property market and the general economy. But there are a few seller’s tricks that will help. Here are the 5 fastest ways to sell your New Jersey condo!

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Set the Right Price

The trick for a faster sale is to be on par, or slightly under, the asking price of similar properties in the area. Remember that price is the main determining factor for buyers, and everyone wants to feel they’re paying a fair price.

Your price is largely dictated by your position. Most Jersey City condo buildings are so coveted because of their waterfront access and gorgeous views. Understandably, they can fetch a higher price because of these outstanding features.

Working with a real estate agent is crucial to determine the optimal listing price. They will research market trends and comparable sales to arrive at a competitive price. Although it’s tempting to try and sell it on your own, you’ll save a lot of time and hassle, by leaving it to the professionals.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

When deciding between condos in a similar price range, buyers look for unique features that stand out among the rest. Be sure to identify what your condo’s unique selling points are. Highlight these in the description for your property listing.

Aside from the general location, also mention nearby places of interest. Are there a lot of green spaces and parks nearby? Are you located near the riverfront? Many buyers are swayed by properties that are close to nature.

Views are also a big selling point. That view of the New York City skyline is a big attraction for New Jersey condo buyers. If your building has a rooftop garden or pool, scream it from the rooftops! These are the things potential buyers need to know. So if you have it, make the most of it.

If you are determined to sell your property on your own, it may still be in your interest to hire a real estate copywriter. Uninspiring property listings are one of the reasons behind slow-selling properties. A real estate copywriter knows how to describe your property with SEO in mind for online listings.

Leverage Online Marketing

In this increasingly digital world, selling a condo is made even easier with online property listing platforms. An amazing 97% of property buyers use the Internet to find the perfect home. And social media allows further opportunities to increase your online visibility. 

Maximize the impact by leveraging all technology has to offer, to hit your desired target market. Interestingly, research into American property buyers’ attitudes has found that millennials are more confident about their ability to buy a home. 

It’s true what they say; a picture says a thousand words. Post high-quality photographs depicting the best features and views. Create a virtual tour that highlights how spacious your interiors are. Remember to highlight all the best features, as that is what will create a desire to see more.

Avoid using the same tired captions everyone else does. With so many property listings online, you need to find a way to stand out and force them to click on that pic. A heading that is eye-catching and names a stunning view or nearby attraction works like magic. For example: “The best riverfront views”.

Be Flexible with Showings

While showings of your condo need to fit into your schedule, they also need to fit in with your buyers’ schedules. Try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Most buyers will find after-hours or weekend showings easier, especially if they work a full day or have to travel from far to see your condo.

Some buyers may find it difficult to travel to see the condo in person. This could be because they live in another state, have very busy work schedules, or are currently abroad on business. Offer them the convenience of a virtual showing or video tour.

Remember to showcase as many unique features as possible. But don’t forget to include security details and smart home technologies, too.

If you have hired someone to do the showing for you, put in an appearance too if possible. Showing your condo can be daunting, but there’s no need to stress. A clean, attractive space and a confident seller are what buyers are looking for. If you seem at ease in your surroundings, they will be too

Stage for Success

Is your condo dressed for success? Stage your condo for a showing to make that favorable first impression on prospective buyers. First, tackle the clutter to create a more spacious-looking environment. Even small apartments seem more spacious and airy when you reduce the clutter.

Open up the interleading doors and the windows. Pull back the curtains or draw the blinds. Natural light is softer and more forgiving than artificial light. Besides, you want buyers to see the views. If the curtains or blinds are drawn, they may fear you’re hiding an unsightly view.

Your tastes in decor are personal, and may not have mass appeal. To reach a wider audience, you should keep things as neutral as possible. If necessary, repaint the interior walls with a light, neutral tone. This will also make your condo look bigger, as light colors visually enlarge any space.

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