How to Research Properties with PropStream (Due Diligence Tutorial)

Is Now the Time to Buy Land?

With all of the ups and down over the last few years in the real estate market, many investors are left to wonder if it is yet safe to purchase and invest in land. There are a few guidelines for investing in land and they are easy to remember and apply.

Floral City – Where is it and Why Would I Want to Buy Waterfront Property There?

So you have never heard of Floral City and are curious as to where exactly it is. Perhaps you are thinking about buying a piece of waterfront property to retire on and live out the rest of your life relaxing by the water.

Looking at Farm Sales in Timaru?

If you are considering purchasing rural property in Timaru and have been looking at farm sales in the Timaru area, you’ll already have an idea of what type of farm you want. The land in this region of New Zealand is suitable for a diverse range of farm types, and you’ll be able to find anything from small holdings (including lifestyle blocks) to the large station type sized farms that roam the hills in this area of central and south Canterbury stretching down to Otago.

Dairy Farms For Sale in New Zealand – Helpful Points to Consider

As New Zealand’s largest industry, dairy farming is also one of New Zealand’s fastest growing industries. Finding a dairy farm for sale in New Zealand should be done in consultation with a range of professionals including an agribusiness manager, an accountant and a lawyer.

Land Surveying in Georgia

The first land surveys begun in what would become the state of Georgia were conducted by Spanish explorers who charted the coastline. Next, French Jesuits would survey the lands further inland. One of the first British settlers, Dr. Henry Woodard, would later be credited with mapping and exploring much of present-day Georgia. Later surveying efforts were related to land distribution following the Revolutionary War, followed by rebuilding infrastructure that had been destroyed during the Civil War.

Lifestyle Blocks For Sale – Interested in Rural Living?

Lifestyle blocks or farmlets for sale in New Zealand are a popular investment choice for many New Zealanders. This form of property investment is appealing to many New Zealanders for a variety of reasons. You may be interested in sustainable farming, growing a niche agricultural product, rearing a particular breed of stock, or getting back to a simpler pace of living.

Land Surveying in Alabama

Land Surveying in Alabama has a long history, dating back to colonial times. At one time, there were British, French, and Spanish settlements in the area of present-day Alabama, all at the same time. Its borders changed over and over from its first settlement in 1663 until Alabama became a state in 1821.

How to Purchase Land

We all know a bit about buying property but what about owning a piece of land. Interestingly the risks are greater according to the lenders which is why the interest is likely to be a great deal higher. The following tips should help guide you if investing in land is on the top of your agenda.

Where Would You Start Looking For Land?

Whenever someone talks about investing in property and real estate it makes me wonder where they will start. Sometimes I envision them heading for the internet and searching for land in the state they are interested in purchasing the property so they can get a starting price of what the real estate is running for, at this time.

Great Tips in Buying Land

Have you considered buying land? Well, many people are giving it a thought since land can be a good investment. Aside from the fact that it is affordable, people find this an attractive option because it is flexible in terms of activities for money making. You can lease, sell, and construct structures in it for a minimal investment.

Sicilian Dialect Land Measurements

Whilst travelling looking for land in Sicily to build a house a little local knowledge of dialect and traditional measurements is required. It gets very complicated as different regions of Sicily use the same words for different sizes of land in Sicily. When evaluating land in Sicily always get an Italian surveyor to document its size in hectares.

Information About Boundary Surveying

A Boundary Survey may be defined as the process of identifying, measuring, and confirming the boundary lines of a piece of land. A Boundary Survey is also expected to reveal the extent of any easements, such as a utility line easement crossing the subject property to a neighboring property or appurtenant like the right to cross another property for access to a public road. A Boundary Survey should also report any encroachments.

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