Arms-Length vs Non-Arms-Length: What’s the Difference?

Land Ownership in Thailand – Is It Really Impossible?

All over the world investment into real estate is considered the most stable and most profitable, especially over long period of time. It is also true in Thailand, named a piece of a paradise on Earth by everybody who ever visited this beautiful country. That said, we can also say that of all Asian countries Thailand’s economy is amongst the most stable ones.

Riverfront Land in the Texas Hill Country

This article discusses the Texas Hill Country. Specifically, it discusses location, attractions, economy and cost of living.

Useful Information on North Carolina Acreage for Sale

If you are tired of living in the busy and fast city life and want to have a second home where you can go over the weekend or for a short vacation, then North Carolina acreage is one of the best options to choose from. Here you can buy from a lot of varieties such as huge farmlands, horse farms, land with water fronts or ponds and creeks. You can even utilize your land for agriculture and poultry business.

Information on Western North Carolina Realty

Western North Carolina is blessed with eye opening natural beauty, which includes lush green smoky mountains and the Appalachian mountains along with Blue Ridge parkway, beautiful lakes and rivers cutting through thick forests which have different varieties of 42 different trees all around, such as from birch to aspen, from maples to apples to pines. This could be your perfect place to buy your peaceful and exotic holiday farm houses or lands. You can find variety of lands here starting from huge acreages to house sites.

Differences Between Country and City

Living in the city nowadays has become problematic as there are a whole lot of things that drive you to move to others place where are lesser pollution and noise like the country side. Others enjoy city life though. They enjoy the hustle and bustle.

Real Estate Near Tasis

Surrey is an attractive county that’s situated in South East Britain, and it borders on London, Kent, west and east Sussex, and a number of other counties. The county itself has a population of just over one million residents, and that makes it the second most populated area in all of England next to greater London.

Buying a Plot – Things to Remember

Buying a plot is one of the difficult investment decisions. Before you buy a plot know certain information.

Yucatan Land for Your Retirement – Planning Ahead to Save

If you have been drawn by the warm weather, charming old cities, beautiful beaches, lush nature and colorful culture of Yucatan for your retirement, one option you can consider is Yucatan land. While properties in Yucatan tend to be very well-priced, excellent options in Yucatan land can be found at even lower prices, allowing you to save more of your retirement funds to enjoy life here.

Encroaching Dubai

The expansion of Dubai’s enhancing green landscape is a nagging question in the mind. Its continuation on grazing the deserts and greening the sand on the geographical scale is surely a vital form of concern. Islands are growing out of the sea, and if that continues do you really think it wise to keep pushing the water back and just turning the whole of the natural wonder of the expanded water into a huge island. No matter what point of view you look at it from the ecological, the environmental or even the technological, they all collapse.

Modular Home Buyer Guide – 6 Strategies to Help You Before Buying Land

Once you are planning on purchasing a house, the most important things to have to pay great attention on is a plot to put it on. It is seriously important for a new home buyer to have sufficient knowledge about land’s types and rights in the land other than your personalize preferences.

Do The Right Thing – Get It In Writing

Forest owners who plan to develop around wetlands and streams on their property are doing themselves no favors when they fail to get the their clean water permits from federal agencies. Although it’s tempting to tell yourself you might not need one, failing to get one exposes you to a variety of financial and legal risks.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Land Survey When Moving Home

With a house or land purchase being one of the biggest investments you can make, it’s imperative that the decision is made with all the necessary facts at hand. Buying a land survey can make all the difference to a bad move or a great move.

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