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Red Flag Land Developments – Noxious Neighbors

Frequently, what you think is real is nothing more than an illusion. Not all neighboring property uses that diminish the value of the real estate development you want to do are obvious. Learn ways to find out what’s really going on with properties near the parcel you want to develop.

Land Development Values – Rules of Thumb

Land buyers can’t have their engineers running around creating sketch plans and estimating improvement costs for every parcel they’re looking at and they don’t want to waste time running lots of pro formas. So they develop rules of thumb they’ve tested and validated over time to approximate key factors of the land development deal and preliminarily determine if the property is worth more analysis.

Buying Land in Bulgaria

There is a lot that goes into buying land in Bulgaria, more so if you are a foreigner. There are many things that need to be taken under consideration when buying land. The land in Bulgaria is as beautiful as it is varied so the land would be a wise investment if you know how to buy it. Buying land in Bulgaria is not as difficult as it may seem, it is really just time consuming and maybe a little tedious.

Land Development Values – Finding Quality Locations

In the land development business, a quality location is essential. But like beauty, it is subjective. So what are good and bad locations? You’ll find some examples here.

Land Development Values – Intended Use

When it comes to analyzing the feasibility (profitability) of land developments, you should start with “R” for Reality. Identifying the reality will help you define uses that are possible, probable or “not a snowball’s chance.”

Standing up to Hurricanes in Cape Coral

Located on the Gulf Coast of the Florida panhandle, Cape Coral is a tropical paradise affected by hurricane season from June 1 to November 30 every year, but with its rich array of waterfront real estate, a vibrant community, sandy beaches, and 335 days of bright sunshine each year – Cape Coral is also currently one of Florida’s fastest growing real estate markets.

Deer Hunting Land and Leases

Deer hunting land and leases can be viewed from two different perspectives. For those hunters who want to hunt with a degree of privacy during a particular time of year, or are looking for long term land use, a lease makes perfect sense. For people who own land suitable for hunting, leases turn land into income generating property.

Analyzing Land Development Value – Part 1

If you’re interested in buying land, you should understand how builders and developers analyze the feasibility of a proposed land development. Get started by exploring the concept of site yield.

Telltale Signs of Land Buyers Who Aren’t Real

People who say they want to buy your development land may not be buyers at all. The good news for you is that their offers can provide clues. But you have to know what to look for.

Price Plus Terms Equals Land Development Contract

All land development offers aren’t created equal, even if the offer price is the same. If you’re going to buy or sell real estate for development, you should understand how and why terms and conditions can impact the deal.

Due Diligence for Real Estate Investing – An Overview

One of the biggest differences between buying a house and buying real estate for development is that most of what the land investor needs to know about the parcel is not visible or apparent. Consequently, due diligence (or investigation) becomes extremely important in evaluating the potential land development deal. Here are some tips to help you with your research.

Why Real Estate Is A Good Way To Invest Your Money

Investing in real estate has been a usually safe and respectably good investment choice over the last decades. With the housing and property market booming over the last several years, people have seen wonderful rate of returns in their real estate portfolio.

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