Colorado Land for sale with Mountain Views near Victor Colorado 1.13acres GLI

Buying Raw Land

If you had to sum up my real estate investing teachings in a few words, it might come down to this: cash flow, cash flow, cash flow. I’m not one to bet on the come.

Redevelopment In Mumbai CRZ Zones – A Lateral Real Estate View

There is a rather touchy topic currently making its rounds in discussion circles on the Mumbai real estate market. I’m talking of the Centre’s proposed inviting of private participation to the extent of 49% in the redevelopment of more than 2000 over-the-hill buildings and 60 of Mumbai’s slums located in areas officially classified as CRZ, or Coastal Regulation Zones. The Government itself would invest the remaining 51%.

Need Land to Build: 3 Tips to Finding a Lot for Your New Home

The first of many steps in building a new home is finding a lot or land available that is suitable for your custom home. There are many factors to consider even before purchasing but first you need to know how go about finding the perfect location for your new home. Here I provide three tips for finding a lot for your new home.

Colorado Mountain View Land In Demand – The Perfect Wilderness Getaway

More and more people are beginning to experience the quiet, peaceful, tranquil get away in the Mountain View area in Colorado rural areas. Lands are affordable now but with the amount of demand for these lands, I know this won’t last for long.

Now Is the Time to Buy Hunting Land

The recession has been tough on a lot of people. There are few markets that have felt the impact of tough economic times more than the real estate market. Home foreclosures are at an all time high and prices are dropping fast.

Land Investment – How to Identify Good Parcels of Land

There are many points to consider regarding land purchases. You need to be aware of what type of development is allowed which has an impact on what type of value this will have to either you or your potential buyer.

The Importance of Surveying a Property Before Purchasing

Such an important and high risk purchase like buying land or commercial property should be approached with caution. The majority of people will commit to a surveyor to evaluate the potential hazards with regards to the land of the property and any local area issues.

Buy Land At Missouri Where Nature Is At Its Best

If your idea of a perfect residence is a location away from the hectic city life and in the lap of nature that provides endless recreational opportunities for a relaxed life, then Missouri is the place to look out for. You will surely love the beautiful areas in this secluded yet well-connected place. Read on to know more.

Why You Should Buy Hunting Land in the State of Missouri

Pondering upon where to buy a piece of land? Are you the adventurous type and love to indulge in hunting, fishing and trekking? Then, you should certainly consider purchasing a piece of land in the picturesque state of Missouri. Read this article to get a fair idea about what lies in Missouri and why buying a property there could be a wise decision.

Section 1031 Tax Exchanges

Section 1031 is the United States tax code which regulates the exchange of property and assets, deferred liability and the effect it has on capital gains tax. Section 1031 became law in the United States in 1954, and is utilized by business owners and investors on a regular basis.

Advertising Land and Property Online Along Side Traditional Advertising

Selling properties takes a combination of techniques that involve both online and other more traditional means of advertising. In order to find the most success, you should do a combination of both to reach the most buyers.

Purchase Land In Missouri – A Decision You Are Not Going To Regret

Purchase of a piece of land is a crucial decision as a good deal can prove to be a great investment for the future. Among the undeveloped areas, Missouri is a great option for purchase of a piece of land, as it has one of the most beautiful locations as well as a plethora of recreational opportunities. Read on to find out more.

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