Deciphering the Metatrends Shaping the Future of Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, every city and every property type are different. What might be happening in the market in San Francisco isn’t necessarily the same in Atlanta. The forces affecting office are not doing the same to the market for industrial. But there are some trends that are so large that they affect the entire industry, no matter what the market or property type. These kinds of “metatrends” are so impactful that they will likely change the property industry forever. 

These large trends are forces of nature. And like nature, the complex interactions of which they are composed are not always easy to understand. “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world,” John Muir once said. 

But tug on these trends we must. That is why every year we task our writers with writing an essay asking hard questions about what we identify as the biggest, overarching trends. These questions, and the answers to them, have the ability to impact the entire industry and the rest of the world that is attached to it.  


PROPMODO METATRENDS 2023April 27, 2023Commercial Real Estate’s United Drive Towards Building Decarbonization

Greenhouse gas-induced climate change is no longer a theory. We have already seen weather become more extreme as CO2 levels rise. But even though there is a general consensus from the world’s population about the need to reduce CO2, doing so proves to be incredibly complicated.

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