Guaranty rolls out GAssist, a new borrower application portal

Nashville, Tennessee-based mortgage lender Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation (GHMC) has rolled out its new borrower online application portal, GAssist. The portal is designed to offer GHMC partners a “unique borrower online application experience” at no additional costs.

The GAssist portal will provide its partners, which include community banks, credit unions, and brokers, with tools that will allow them to better manage borrower expectations, from guided originations to processing tools, according to a press release on the roll-out. The tools are housed within the secure application portal.

“Innovative technology is imperative to the mortgage industry with more and more applicants taking advantage of online options offered by lenders,” GHMC president and CEO Chip Adkins said in a prepared statement.

Guaranty Home Mortgage said the goal of the portal is to help scale businesses and make its workflow more efficient through the use of this product.

“GAssist is here to help mitigate and streamline that process for our partners so that borrowers can expect a  seamless experience from start to finish,” Adkins said.

Guaranty Home Mortgage was founded in 1986 as Guaranty Trust and became an independent mortgage banker in 2019. The company has 48 state licenses, three retail branches and 13 loan officers.

The company had production volume of $148.76 million in 2021, but its origination volume dropped by more than 53.8% in 2022, according to mortgage tech platform Modex.

Last month, the lender hired Andy Voyles as its executive vice president and director of retail lending.

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