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Private Lakes and Ponds

This discusses the purposes of private lakes and ponds. Adding a lake or pond to a property can increase the property’s value and enjoyment factor.

Urbanization Trends in the Industrial Belt of India

Durgapur is the fastest growing city of West Bengal, India. Situated on the banks of Damodar River, in the Bardhaman District, Durgapur is popularly called the Steel City of Eastern India. It is also emerging in health and education sectors to become one of the most versatile townships. Industrial boom in Durgapur has given rise to the infrastructural development and many residential townships and four-lane highways are now developed here. Today, all the big real-estate developers are also present in this Steel City.

Expropriation or Fair Game for All?

Expropriation is potentially a very complex issue and is seen to be an adversarial process by many. Independent professional legal advise and appraisal advise prior to agreeing to any terms is strongly recommended.

Low Cost Housing Problems in India

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world in the 21st century. With both the population and the purchasing power of the Indian people rising hand in hand, the real estate business here is growing meteorically. Again, the expanding bourgeoisie economy has boosted low-cost housing trends across India. Highly specialized think tanks are now exploring new avenues for constructing budgeted housing complex in India.

The Amazingly Exotic Life That Belize Offers

An increasing number of Americans are looking forward to settle abroad. They are often tempted by the beautiful natural landscape, low cost of living and various other features of foreign land. With time, this number is expected to rise.

Why Belize Should Be the Choice for Relocation

For those who love nature and want to move to a country full of natural assets, there are many places around the globe. However, if you are looking at a place with some of the beauty of nature combined with the latest sophistication of modern technology, then one of the best places to move would be the country of Belize. The nature of relocation changes once you are planning around on shifting with your family or after retirement.

Landscapes Across the UK Set to Be Ruined By Hidden Clause

There is a well hidden plot to turn English National Parks into suburbia. There is a clause in some virtually un-noticed document that could lead to barns and buildings across the countryside being turned into houses.

11 Reasons to Move to Belize

Whether you’re a person who works for a bank, a school teacher, a business person, a student or a retiree – there’s no reason why you should not consider moving to Belize. Check out the list of reasons to move to Belize for an awesome life: 1. Belize is Beautiful Belize is located in the lap of Mother Nature, surrounded by crystal clear waters, lush green trees, and an amazing wildlife.

Affordable Residential Plots Across Noida

Purchasing a property in Delhi and NCR is certainly not a cakewalk. The hard-to-bear property rates across the National Capital are certainly leaving no option for the Delhi residents but to re-locate to its extended areas.So We are giving you best opportunity to buy residential land in reasonable rate which your pocket allows.

Vermont Real Estate Development and Act 250 – The Basics

A brief and basic summary of Vermont’s Act 250. Act 250 is a land use development law which places strict requirements on those looking to do larger projects. The law is meant to limit sprawl and protect the state’s economic and environmental resources.

Assessing a Development Site Part 1

Often you notice a development site advertisement may be for 3 units accompanied by the initials STCA (subject to council approval), but when you seek the agent’s opinion, they suggest that you might even get 4 units. Could it be their knowledge of planning laws is weak? The fact is agents are rarely adequately experienced to offer a judgment on the development prospects of any potential site.

Land Prices Sore in BC Due to Demand of Farmland

Why Are Farmland Prices Increasing In BC? According to a recent report, the value of farmland prices in BC is steadily increasing despite there is a decrease in the number of transactions made during the period since 2007. The report says that there is a clear trend of hoarding farmland since the farmers are expecting a higher demand in future due to increase in demand for food and water and decrease in the availability of arable land.

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