How to Find Motivated Sellers With PropStream (List Building Tutorial)

Now May Be the Time to Buy Land

Many sellers have waited years hoping for a buyer. The market is saturated with parcels of land in all sizes in many Western markets. Prices have remained high with few to no sales and some sellers are finding themselves in dire straights. Is now the time to strike?

French Farm Sales and the Role of SAFER

This government agency has the right of first purchase on most rural property that comes onto the market in France. So although you may think you have sealed the deal when you sign the sale contract with your seller, in fact the property is not quite yours until SAFER have had their say.

Pricing Land For Sellers and Buyers

Seems these days more than most other days in years past that buyers want a good deal. Sellers on the other hand remember the days gone by with some of the highest land prices in recent history and just can’t bring themselves to sell for what buyers want to pay.

The Search For Land Records Made Easy

It is very important to consult the land records before investing in any piece of land. Land records are parts of public records that are available unrestricted for public access.

Investing in Land – A Way to Grow Your Net Worth

When you hear stories like those of Bernie Madoff or Enron, it really makes you wonder who you can trust. Time after time, Wall Street criminals take money from the unsuspecting and make them go broke while lining their own pockets.

Land Buying – A Buyers Checklist

Land ownership gives a sense of security, belonging and pride. Prior to any acquisition the buyer should first consider following a checklist of questions to ask, people to see, and investigations to make.

Real Estate Development – The Easy Way!

The average real estate investor uses real estate to establish a solid foundation for future riches. By “future” I mean decades down the road, in most cases. So, why do some investors opt for purchasing land as opposed to rentals or multiple family dwellings?

A Tale of Eminent Domain in Riviera Beach FL

In the meantime, the battered Viking Inlet Harbor Properties who had invested $50 million into planning and properties was forced to return to the drawing board. The next year they returned with a slimmed down proposal for redeveloping only 26 out of the original 400 acres. Using city owned property and investing an additional $30 million, Viking would manage the municipal marina and take over Bicentennial Park to create an outdoor waterfront destination complete with entertainment, restaurants and shops.

What to Look For When Buying Land

Purchasing properties is one of the best investments. However, not all properties are profitable. Not all properties are good purchases as well. One of the major property purchases you will make is the land. You have to learn how to choose the right land for your needs. There are various things you have to look.

What to Do About Conflicting Property Boundaries

Why do land boundaries sometimes conflict? Most often, boundary disputes arise after confusing legal descriptions cause two landowners to lay claim to the same tract of land.

The Hidden Treasures of Equator

In stark contrast with other more high profile Latin American countries, such as Costa Rica and Panama, that attract lots o f expats looking for a second home or ways to stretch their dollar in retirement, Equator is relatively overlooked. The both adds to the country’s charm and makes it a great opportunity to own land and live in a country with one of the lowest costs of living in the world.

Beachfront Living in Brazil

Deciding when, how, and where to retire are questions that are putting a burden on more and more people. It can seem impossible to be able to retire and keep a decent standard of living. But, if you go beyond the borders of America and Europe, there are plenty of places to be found where you can stretch your dollar and living along pristine tropical beaches for a mere fraction of what if would cost you in the United States. One of these countries is Brazil.

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