How to Market Pinterest to Home Buyers

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As a real estate agent, you likely are aware of the importance of social media marketing to show off your property photos.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide real estate agents a new avenue to connect with potential buyers and sellers.

As social media continues to develop, one platform that has really blown up in the last few years is Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms, specifically among women. In fact, it has 500 million monthly active users.

Pinterest is fast becoming a viable marketing platform for real estate agents. If you currently aren’t marketing your listings on Pinterest, it’s time to start.

This guide will help you develop the best marketing strategy for your first Pinterest post. Read on to learn all about Pinterest marketing for home buyers.

Real Estate on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best social networks people use to share, store, and explore visual content. The content must be entertaining, helpful, or inspiring to capture the right audience.

You should think of Pinterest as a virtual scrapbook, which is why it is perfect for real estate. For real estate on Pinterest, you can showcase gorgeous photos of your listings to help buyers envision a bright future if they invest in one of your properties.

People can add “pins” to their clippings to a board. Then these pins can be copied and put on other users’ boards. People can then easily share the folders and pin to promote the content to other users on Pinterest.

This is an exciting and fun way to let people keep track of pins they want to return to later.

For instance, someone can save your Pinterest ads to show their loved ones, especially if they are thinking of buying a home for their family. Real estate agents can effortlessly create boards to accumulate content.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Remember that your primary goal is not to create the best-looking newsfeed. You want to close sales and make profits. Therefore, you should consider the bigger strategy in mind.

You need to create content that attracts a lot of traffic to your site and social media profile.

This can be done by using calls to action to help direct traffic to your website. Then you must convert your site’s traffic into leads by getting people on your landing pages.

Create a Business Account

The first thing you must do is create a business account for your real estate firm. This can be done by hopping on the main site to set up a new account.

Remember that this account is different from a personal one. You get many more marketing tools, like the paid advertising feature and analytics platform.

These are necessary to help you get an in-depth look at who your audience is. Then you can develop the best marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Create Boards

After creating your business account for Pinterest homes, you must consider your audience’s wants. Are you an agent for the seller or buyer? Do you want to target investors, downsizers, or someone buying their first family home?

Then you should establish whether you wish to promote residential or commercial real estate. When you are done answering these questions, you should start creating some inspiring pins.

The best choice is to go with some renovation or home improvement ideas. Create pins that show people how they can increase the value of their property.

You can also do tutorials to educate people on how to execute painting projects for winter or summer. It would be best to include some pictures of homes you have remodeled.

Otherwise, you can also advertise the neighborhood your property is located in. Show people where they can buy the best cup of coffee in the area and what free outdoor activities they can do with their children on days off.

Finally, you can create some pins about the best lending institutions in the area to help your audience finance their future home.

Enforce Brand Consistency

Like most social media platforms, everyone doing business on Pinterest is also fighting for attention. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a crowded newsfeed.

Users on Pinterest get bombarded by a sea of pins. So, to stand out in this space, you must focus on a visually appealing brand to grab your audience’s attention.

This can be done using easily identifiable logos, imagery, and color schemes. Focus on the visual elements, but always maintain brand consistency.

Imagine the uproar if Pepsi suddenly changed its color and logo without warning. With a consistent brand, you can stand out while creating your own recognizable and unique visual identity.

Never Forget SEO

Pinterest is all about visuals. It has fantastic functions to help look for images, like text input in Pinterest’s search bar. This is where you can use your SEO skills for Pinterest marketing.

Always pick the right keywords with an SEO-friendly URL and username. Pick a username that is closely related to your real estate business. Then you must craft some keyword-rich descriptions that are concise for each post.

This way, your content can be easily found on search engines and Pinterest. Avoid spamming your pins with keywords promoting your business. Ensure that your descriptions always come off as authentic and natural.

Use Hashtags

Pinterest uses hashtags as a way to facilitate navigation. It is a great way to categorize content, so your audience can easily find your pins. Always look at what others in your niche are doing to develop the right hashtags for your business.

Finally, implement a long-term content strategy and mix your hashtags to stay on the most relevant pages. Broad content appeals to many people, especially if you have the correct tags to make it discoverable.

Conquer Pinterest Marketing Today

Now that you know about Pinterest and how to market your real estate business, it is time to create a business account on the platform. Unlike other platforms like Instagram or Facebook, gaining traction on Pinterest can take a while.

However, with the right resources and SEO talents, you can have the best profile with a lot of traffic to your site in no time. Contact us today, and learn more about Pinterest marketing for real estate.

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