How to REMOVE Your Property From a Flood Zone

Buying a Ski Property

If you are looking for a ski property then there are various things to consider. Ski properties are not only an investment but are great for getaways, especially for those into skiing.

A Collaborative Land Planning Process – Part 1

We all want to live in nice communities that become better and better with every new “development,” yet many people are dissatisfied with the way their communities are evolving. During 12 years of meetings with boards, neighborhood groups, developers, and environmental groups, the Smarter Land Use Project discovered a new way of thinking to think about land development.

Property Surveys For UK Land Investments – What You Must Know

If you are considering investing in UK land, you will need to have a property survey performed. The following questions and answers will help you understand the details about what a UK land property survey is, how the survey is carried out, and why a property survey is needed for UK Land Investments.

Landbanking In Malaysia

Landbanking companies are mushrooming in Malaysia. As more landbanking companies set up their office in Malaysian shores, it has effectively created a landbanking industry in Malaysia.

Using Open Space To Increase Land Development Values

It doesn’t always make economic sense to carve a land parcel into the maximum number of pieces. In fact, when it comes to adding value through a residential subdivision, sometimes “less is more.”

The 12 UK Land Investment Guidelines

Are you considering investing in UK Land? Read these 12 guidelines before you make that important land investment decision:

Developing Land Without Subdividing

Splitting a parcel into two or more parts may be one way you can accomplish your objectives. If you have some imagination and are willing to do some homework, however, you may be able to uncover opportunities for real estate development that aren’t so obvious.

Land Development VS House Sales – Key Differences

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, then you have a foundation on which to build an understanding of how land development deals are different. This basic knowledge will help you be more successful when you’re buying or selling development real estate.

Choosing a Building Lot for Your Home – Preserving Value

If you’re buying a building lot and hiring someone to build you a new home, stay focused on the big picture – the overall, ultimate value of your property. The bottom line you’ll want to remember is that the whole may not necessarily be equal to the sum of its parts.

Townhome Land Hits Record High in Downtown Alpharetta

Despite national residential sales slowing to a snail’s pace, Atlanta developers are discovering the positive aspects of infill urban town home developments. Land prices are hitting the highest in recorded history in the suburb of Alpharetta, Georgia.

Anybody Can Own Property in Brazil

There is plenty of land available in Brazil, and the price is right. You do not have to be Brazilian to own land in Brazil. There are numerous advantages to owning land in Brazil.

Land Development Values – Buying As is v Contingent

“No guts, no glory” is equally true for buyers and sellers in land development deals. If you can quantify the risk and be comfortable with it, you can reap substantial rewards.

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