Kofi Nartey brings his team to The Real Brokerage

Kofi Nartey, a top real estate broker with a client list of celebrities and prominent athletes, has joined The Real Brokerage as a national growth leader. In his new position, he will help build visibility for the brand, attract more agents as well as drive agent’s performance through coaching and development. 

“I will use my platform and national voice to draw more people not just to the industry, but to the opportunities to grow within the industry that The Real Brokerage presents,” Nartey told HousingWire in an interview.

As part of his role at Real, Nartey will teach agents how to pitch the value proposition of The Real Brokerage. In other words, he wants to teach agents how to attract talents, rather than recruiting them. 

Kofi Nartey

“If you’re doing something, and you’re doing it in the right way, and you’re doing it with a level of professionalism, a level of expertise, and a level of visibility, obviously, you’ll attract people,” said Nartey.

Real’s co-sponsored revenue share program, which allows two agents to equally share in the commission split of an agent they attract to Real, aligns with his goal of sharing his expertise to help other agents grow their networks and be more successful. 

As part of his move to Real, Nartey is bringing his 12-member Globl RED team, which serves luxury clients in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, and developers worldwide from Side Real Estate, whose network he joined in 2020. He will continue to grow his team through The Real Brokerage network. 

Sharran Srivatsaa, The Real Brokerage’s president, said Nartey “is one of the most successful brokers in the residential real estate industry and an inspirational leader who shares our vision at Real of leaving the industry better than it was. Like Kofi, Real is fixated on giving agents the tools they need to realize their full potential, while ensuring that they have opportunities to build long-term wealth.”

According to Nartey, the industry is headed towards virtual platforms, which helped push him to join Real. Virtual platforms allow for more agility, less overhead and greater networks, both national and international, he said.

“The Real Brokerage was the best fit for where I am now in my career, as it relates to the economic model and also the ability to tap into and contribute to a platform that really puts the agent and the agent’s growth first,” said Nartey.

Before starting a career in real estate in 2002, Nartey played college football at the University of California, Berkeley and went on to sign with the Oakland Raiders (now Las Vegas). He also worked as an actor. Prior to launching Globl Real Estate + Development, he built national sports and entertainment real estate divisions at Compass and The Agency. Nartey represented many athletes and celebrities and closed sales exceeding $1 billion in his career, The Real Brokerage said in a statement.

“It’s nice to know that the leadership of The Real Brokerage has the pedigree to help facilitate, develop, create and support luxury real estate and the pursuit of luxury real estate,” he said.

Real added 1,800 new agents during the first quarter of 2023, causing its agent count to surpass 10,000 for the first time, a 120% year-over-year increase. This increased agent count helped the brokerage record a 75% annual increase in transaction sides for Q1 2023 at 10,963 sides, an average of 2.7 transactions per productive agent.  

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