Marketing Leaders take the stage at HW Annual Oct. 10-12

What does marketing look like in 2023 and beyond? It’s a question we’ve started to ask our Marketing Leaders each year as the changing landscape requires top leaders to be agile in their strategies. In just this year, the top social media platforms are constantly releasing updates, ChaptGPT seems to be open on everyone’s desktop and a lot of us are looking at a lead pipeline that needs filling. The one theme in all of this that we’ve heard from our Marketing Leaders is the power of data. Data to inform your decisions, data to capture market share and data to improve your bottom line.

In four dedicated sessions, our Marketing Leaders will focus on this theme and more. Whether you’re in the marketing space, a mortgage executive at a lender or real estate leader, we’ve designed this so all attendees can learn from the path these creative and innovative executives have walked to inform your go-to-market strategy for 2024.

This portion of our agenda is intended to shine a light on the marketing leaders pushing the boundaries in the housing industry and their colleagues who don’t work directly in the marketing space. Register for HW Annual today to get a seat at the table and gain new insights on the marketing efforts at top companies.

“I’m really excited about this year’s Marketing Leaders sessions. The CMO Playbook speakers are forces in the industry with interesting backgrounds and paths to their current role,” said Jennifer Laws, senior vice president of sales at HW Media. 

“We hosted 100+ marketers at HW Annual 2022, and I am hoping that being a part of the general agenda will get even more people in the room this year,” said Laws. 

Attendees can find inspirational speakers on stage during the Marketing Leaders sessions. This year’s speakers include Andrew Haberman and Tim Wagner, co-founders of beefy, Melissa Wright, chief sales and marketing officer at American Pacific Mortgage and Alec Hanson, chief marketing officer at loanDepot.

The CMO Playbook sessions are especially interesting. These rapid-fire, fifteen-minute sessions with c-suite executives in marketing will give attendees an all-access look into the life of a marketing executive in the housing industry. This year’s Marketing Leaders sessions also includes a panel on using data to inform your marketing strategy. Back up your organization’s most creative department with the numbers they need to be successful. 

Here’s a list of some of the Marketing Leaders that you can expect to see on stage at HW Annual.

  • Arjun Dhingra, Sales and Business Development, All Western Mortgage
  • Steven Cooley, Founder and CEO Art Vs. Math and Mortgage Advisor Tools
  • Liz Lilly, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Flueid
  • Samantha MacKendrick, Head of Marketing, Polly
  • Jon Lyons, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Class Valuation
  • WeiLing Jang, Chief Marketing Officer, CoreLogic
  • Amory Wooden, Chief Marketing Officer, Anywhere Brands
  • Debbie McGriff, Senior Director, Head of Marketing and Communications, Freddie Mac Single-Family
  • Marc Davison, Co-Founder, 1000watt. 

HW Annual is HousingWire’s capstone mortgage event, connecting leading professionals from the housing economy seeking to grow, innovate and win market share. This is where strategies are formed, deals are inked and lifelong relationships are solidified. Remember, HW+ members receive special perks like 50% off your admission to HW Annual, so go here to become a member. Haven’t received a discount code yet? Reach out to us at Join us in Austin, Texas October 10-12 for community, content and commerce.

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