Oregon Two 4.88 Acre Lots For Sale

Buy a Well Managed Hunting Property for Sale

These days Hunting Property Management is getting popular. Under this people buy a land and especially prepare it as a hunting land or property. They groom, enhance and maintain land for developing and harvesting wildlife making it an ideal hunting property for sale.

Investing in Rural Acreages – A Profitable Venture

Verdant landscape and affordable prices make the rural acreages one of the most attractive places to invest. The investment is worthwhile both for vacationing purposes as well as for returns. If you put your money in a rural landscape with rich natural beauty, you can expect it to bring bounty for you.

Why Should I Invest in Pine-Producing Timberlands?

Pine timberlands investments rate as one of the best long-term investments available today. Owning pine plantation land is a key part of the investment strategy of many of the wealthiest families over the last century. The numbers consistently show that timberland, as an investment, has outperformed the S&P 500 over the last 30 years, and that timberland ownership was a huge advantage during the Great Depression. Pine-Producing lands are much easier to manage than other agricultural land investments and provide for several streams of income.

Bali and Orlando – Villa Rentals

Vacations are big business the world over. No matter where you live, you like to get away from there and experience life somewhere else, with different foods, cultures, locations, attractions, and colorful, interesting people.

What Is a Freehold Title?

When purchasing property, it is important to be aware of the quality of the title to the Property that you are buying. In English law, there are different types of title or ‘tenure’ that are granted to a Property by a the HM Land Registry. The tenure of a title will effect the value of the property and the legal rights of the owner of the property to occupy and use the property. It is therefore essential that you check the title to the Property before committing to buy the property.

Can Stamp Duty Land Tax Be Avoided?

Stamp Duty Land Tax was introduced in 2003 in UK replacing the old Stamp Duty. Stamp Duty Land Tax is a tax on the purchase of the Property and costs the buyer of a property between 1-4% of the purchase price of the property! In April 2011, a new Stamp Duty Land Tax band of 5% is being introduced on properties over 5%. It is often said that Stamp Duty Land Tax is a tax on the poorer property purchaser, as there are ways of avoiding paying the tax through various tax-planning strategies which are traditionally the realm of the wealthy property developer. This article looks at the ways that Stamp Duty Land Tax can be avoided and the inherent risks.

How To Read a Property Description

Periodically a property owner who is just looking for information will call or write me asking a question about how to survey (or map out) their own property. A common question that comes up many times is: “How do I get my property records?” The second question asked, usually after they have their description in hand is, “How do I read this?”

A Home With a Sea View Is a Dream Come True

A home with a sea view is the dream of many house hunters. If you are looking for this type of French property, you may be looking for a close view over the beach or the coast, or a property set slightly further back from the sea. For a safe investment, aim for the best location you can afford. The value of the property is based on its position – prime location will always be in demand and so will command more money than others. As there is a limit on the number of properties that can be built in these places, demand will remain higher than supply. But this system applies all over the world. Indeed, if you look at any town centre, you’ll certainly be aware that certain streets and areas are pricier than others due to lack of space, and their proximity of all amenities.

Reasons To Buy Land In Canada

Canada has a lot to offer to the prospective landowner about both space and enticing advantages. Of course, parts of it can be rather harshly cold, but Canada also has its fair share of beautiful weather, booming cities, and gorgeous views.

How To Make Sure You Have Water

This Dare To Escape topic addresses various ways to determine if land you own or are considering owning has a water aquifer within your well depth reach. After reading this, and applying the information it references, you should know more about finding water on your land and how to get a water well drilled.

Own a Property in Spring Hill Now!

Spring Hill is an extraordinary blend of beauty, versatility and potential. This premier 482 acre parcel is one of the few remaining properties of its size in Marion County, Florida. The recreational and agricultural uses can be enjoyed immediately. The future holds tremendous potential for development, mining or possibly a legacy property for future generations.

Is Your Realtor Qualified?

Regardless of your current real estate experience, if you have ever aspired to sell land, in any shape or form, then you need some specialized knowledge. No matter the real estate specialty, it is a recognized fact that knowledge is one of the keys to success in real estate sales, but sometimes that special working knowledge seems hard to come by. While our license allows us to sell any kind of real estate, most of us select a market within which to specialize, and then we concentrate on learning enough about that marketplace to profit from our knowledge and it’s…

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