How to Use Facebook Boost for Your Real Estate Agency

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Did you know that Facebook’s potential advertising reach is 2.08 billion people? With numbers like these, using Facebook to advertise real estate agents is one of the smartest moves a person can make.

If you’ve never used Facebook advertising and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about promoting Facebook posts. All you need to do to become an expert on the topic is to keep reading.

What Is Facebook Boost?

Facebook Boost is a special form of Facebook Advertising that lets you boost a post that’s already been made. Facebook Boost posts allow you to pay to extend the reach of your audience beyond the people who already follow your page.

Promoting Facebook posts isn’t connected to Facebook Advertising itself, but it’s very simple to do. As boosting a post isn’t connected to Facebook Advertising, very few people know of this choice.

All you need to do is click on your Facebook page. Next, click the button to boost a post and choose your target audience. Currently, there are three different audiences you can choose to boost your post to.

Once you’ve chosen your audience, then choose the maximum amount of money you’re willing to spend on this post. The higher your budget, the more people this post will be shown to. After that, all you need to do is choose how long the promotion lasts and when to stop showing the post.

It’s straightforward and will get around other methods of avoiding advertising that people have. For example, the post will be able to avoid any ad blockers that may have been installed.

How Facebook Helps Real Estate Agents

Social media outreach is one of the best tools a real estate agent has in their arsenal. Knowing how to use social media marketing on various platforms can help net you attention you may not have received otherwise.

As it is, Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform, with over two billion users. This user base is not only one of the largest, it is also one of the most diverse. As such, it’s a fantastic platform for targeting different types of potential clients.

In case you don’t know how to use Facebook to your best advantage, here are a few easy tips you can follow.

First, make a business page with contact information, information about your services, and any current listings. Once you’ve made your Facebook page, post regularly to gain followers and keep them engaged. It’s often recommended to make two posts a day.

Next, join local Facebook groups related to real estate and your target audience. Make sure you post regularly in those groups as well as contribute to discussions. People will come to value your expertise, making them want to reach out to you when they decide they’re ready for the services that you provide.

Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

Using Facebook to advertise your real estate agency is absolutely worth it, as long as you know what your goal is. Your goal, when boosting a Facebook post, should simply be to boost your outreach.

The fact of the matter is that your posts aren’t necessarily ads for your real estate agency. Your posts are another one of the tools in your arsenal.

They’re meant to increase awareness of your brand and inform people of what kind of agents you employ. A Facebook post is also meant to encourage people to check out your website and learn more about your business. Finally, boosting a Facebook post is meant to only be used as a tool to increase engagement with your page.

If you are using it for these specific purposes, then Facebook Boost is absolutely worth it. Remember not to treat it as an advertisement for your services. Treat it as an advertisement for your business, and you will accomplish the results you want.

What Not to Do With Facebook Boost

Before using Facebook Boost, there are three main myths that you should be aware of. Keep these myths in mind as you start working to build brand awareness.

The first myth is that you should try to boost every post. Boosts have to make it past Facebook’s review process, meaning it may be a waste of your time. Beyond that, the posts may not do anything to increase engagement.

Only boost posts that have both a purpose and a clear call to action: posts that will make a viewer want to become a customer.

The second myth to be aware of is that you should boost posts with links included to get more clicks. Again, you should only boost your best content. If it’s a clear advertisement with a strong call to action, then that’s certainly worth the boost.

The final myth is that it’s the most cost-effective. Facebook boosting is no more and no less cost-effective than any other method of advertising. The cost effectiveness is found in how you use your boosts, rather than the option to boost your posts.

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Now that you’ve learned all about what Facebook Boost is and how to use it – as well as a few tips on how not to use it – you’re ready to get started using Facebook for advertising your brand.

In the meantime, do you have any more questions? Do you have comments on this article, or ways we could better help inform you on all things real estate?

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